Switching up the roles in CompOps

The Office of Computer Operations (CompOps in abbreviated form) is the coordinating authority for all UFS online representations, as well as the external communities. CompOps coordinates and structures all the information online and manages the (regular) updates to these communities. Hide the bacon.

Moderators: Eddie Hagoromo, Sniper Schridde

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Eddie Hagoromo
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In a company reshuffle at CompOps Inc., Sniper Schridde will be taking over the role as Vice Chief of CompOps in order to understand the turmoils and pains of why the Chief gets stuck inside the system a lot (no, my bottom doesn't block the pipes).

Because the roles of CompOps are a tough job and to allow people that were in the position to recuperate, Andrew Kerr will be focussing on all Support duties while Sniper dives in head first into the code to try and fish me out (which is why I have been quiet mostly).

>>In reality, Andrew has done a lot of work and needs time to recharge for his role of Chief of CompOps (kidding but he has done a lot of work so giving everyone in my team a chance to see from another angle). No he has not quit and may soon be reshuffled again soon! So please bug him in private message for anything support related.<<

Congrats in accepting the mission of "Becoming a Vice Chief to figure how to rescue the chief that is stuck in the system", Sniper!

We may be expanding our team soon so be active and show off your skills and be active in the forums/Discord for us to peek and extend a branch to join the most secretive office in UFS (this message was sponsored by UFS redacted )

More changes coming very soon, so eyes on the LCARs soon!
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