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The Office of Computer Operations (CompOps in abbreviated form) is the coordinating authority for all UFS online representations, as well as the external communities. CompOps coordinates and structures all the information online and manages the (regular) updates to these communities. Hide the bacon.

Moderators: Eddie Hagoromo, Andrew Kerr

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Eddie Hagoromo
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Command - Rear Admiral
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Dear UFS Members,

You may have noticed that my team (Computer Operations) has gone dark.

As of yesterday April 26th 2021, a full 7 years and 20 days as its Team Leader of the Computer Operations team, I hereby announce my resignation to the position of Joint Chief of Computer Operations.

I have had kind words from concerned members, members that are refusing to believe that I have left, members that do not want me to leave and to continue on. But this time this is not a joke.

Every day that passes over certain disagreements that I do not want to delve deeper in has caused me to rethink of the stress that I have encountered in recent months.

Therefore in order to make a change, I hereby am stepping down officially and would like to announce how proud I am as well as of my team that we have worked over the years in pulling UFStarfleet from the rubble to how it is now. I am proud of the word my team has done since 2014, from the rebuild of the UFStarfleet Forums, to the removal of the UFStarfleet Database, the new home for UFStarfleet Academy, the single sign on system, the email communications system and our final work, the new UFStarfleet Website.

Granted, I am disappointed and upset just like you guys at having to go through this route, and granted I wanted to protect each and every one of you, my team has my back and I have theirs, I must protect my team.

I want to thank the members I have met over the years, the laughters, the discussions, the tears and note this, you will still be able to find me on Discord as Fuz#1338. My laughter and fun won’t stop, you will find where my new home will be from there.

I want to thank the Joint Chiefs for their support, their assistance over key issues, amidst our disagreements and I wish the best of luck to them.

Furthermore, the following Computer Operations Team Members are also stepping down from their roles effective immediately, I attach their messages here:

Commodore Luc Skar-Machado:
Greetings all members,

As of yesterday April 26th 2021, after 14 years in UFS in all different types of positions. I hereby announce my resignation of all positions I hold both as Data Axel and Luciano Skar-Machado.

I have already had lots of members contact me about it. And yes I am leaving with Eddie, Andy and Sniper. The stress and all is not worth it anymore.

In the altered words of Eddie:
Therefore in order to make a change, I hereby am stepping down officially and would like to announce how proud I am of my team that I have worked with over the years.

I want to thank the members I have met and talked to over the years, I will still be in online at random in SL and you will still be able to find me on Discord as Luc. Skar-Machado#3306.

I want to thank those of the Joint Chiefs that have helped me for their support.

My last words,
Best of luck UF Starfleet.
Data Axel/Luciano Skar-Machado
Lieutenant Andrew Kerr:
Dear UFS members, I want to say thank you for the welcomeness that I received from my time in UFS. I joined UFS because it wasn’t SFI but in the end it looks like it was just another carbon copy. During my time everyone was friendly and I felt like I belonged not only to a fantastic group but also fantastic people, I always gave it my all and had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to work with some remarkable people. Both in my sector and CompOps, for those who might not be aware I was the Head of Support in CompOps and worked with Eddie, Kermie, Sniper & Lizzy on the new website which I can tell you was many long days.

With that being said the things I have seen and experienced, I cannot in all good consciousness continue in my role in CompOps and unfortunately UFS as a whole, I will sincerely miss assisting you with changes and generally making your experience better.

I want to personally thank Eddie Hagoromo for my admittance into CompOps as well as Sniper Schidde for trusting me with they “keys to the kingdom” Luc Skar-Machado for the warm welcome and interaction I had with him on the SS nimbus and lastly Kermie Mistwallow for his trust and friendship in taking on new roles and the general support they all provided.

I wish the membership a long and prosperous time in UFS and to coin a vulcan phrase, “live long and prosper”

I am still on discord if anyone wants to chat Andrew Kerr#3690.

Goodbye friends.
Commodore Sniper Schridde:
My rifle is loaded, i'm off to shoot some roo's to get out my frustration of always butting head with certain members. While this may seem like a mass walk out we have all come across hurdles that quite frankly we are tired of. Not only has this caused RL stress but also the time and effort we have put in to ensure UFS assets are secure, that UFS has a home, but to be told that we should not actually be doing what we are doing is quite frankly a kick in the teeth.

I want to thank everyone that has supported myself, the compops team and most of all the team itself who has always put UFS first, often sacrificing it's own time to do so.

So farewell, and thanks for all the fish

Sniper Schridde


My final words,

Godspeed UFStarfleet.

Eddie Hagoromo
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Lizzy Gracemount
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Medical - Fleet Captain
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I'm sad to see this happening. It's sad to see friends go but you have to do what you have to do. I wish you well.

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Poison Toocool
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I am saddened by this and will miss you. Very much appreciate all the assistance you have given me.

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sorry to see you go, thank you for all your help
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Evelyn Rieko
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Command - Captain
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Whatever your issues were I'm sorry they could not be worked out. Thanks for all your great work and best wishes to you all.
Captain Evelyn Rieko
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