UF Starfleet Anti-Bullying Policy

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UF Starfleet Anti-Bullying Policy

In addition to the UFS Code of Conduct as spelt out in the UFS Membership Manual
< https://lcars.ufstarfleet.org/index.php ... of_Conduct >
UFS is establishing an Anti-Bullying Policy effective immediately (231208).

Bullying within our virtual organization, which includes Second Life, Discord, and other communication channels, is defined as any intentional and repetitive behavior that causes harm or distress to individuals participating in our community. This behavior may manifest through text-based communication in local (public) chat, private messages, Discord channels (public or private), or other written forms such as emails.

Examples of Bullying in a Virtual Environment:

In-Game Harassment:
Repeatedly sending offensive or threatening messages in local chat.
Harassing or intimidating avatars through text interaction or griefing behaviors.

Discord Bullying:
Engaging in cyberbullying through public or private Discord messages.
Creating a hostile environment in Discord channels through insulting or offensive language, or exclusionary behavior.

Roleplay Interference:
Disrupting others' roleplaying experiences intentionally.

Email Harassment:
Sending persistent and harmful emails with the intention to intimidate or harass.
Using email as a platform for discriminatory or offensive communication.

Exclusionary Practices:
Excluding individuals from in-game events, Discord discussions, or other community activities intentionally.
Discriminating against individuals based on their identifying qualities, such as race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
Spreading false information or rumors about UFS members.

Reporting Procedure:
Members are encouraged to report incidents of bullying promptly. Reports should be made to Membership Compliance, who will handle the matter confidentially and conduct a thorough investigation as per the UFS Membership Manual.

Violations of this anti-bullying policy may result in disciplinary actions in accordance with the rules set out in the UF Starfleet Membership manual, up to and including removal of membership.

Put simply, we expect everyone to speak respectfully to each other, and do their best to resolve disagreements in a logical and humane manner.

The belief that you are ‘right’ does not give you the right to bully those who disagree with you. At the same time, we expect some tolerance of jokes, teasing and light incivility. Where does it cross the line? When someone is hurt or intimidated by the actions of someone else, most likely when those actions are repeated after the person affected, or a moderator, asks for it to stop.

Use the Chain of Command or the complaint procedure as set out in the UFS Membership Manual to report bullying behavior. Make sure to keep screen shots, names of witnesses, or other evidence to support your complaint.

In service,
Adm P. Toocool
Deputy Commander-in-Chief
United Federation Starfleet
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