Survey Responses Part 3 - events or activities that you would like to see more of in the future?

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These are responses to the Survey and replies from Joint Chiefs regarding the Question

Are there any specific types of events or activities that you would like to see more of in the future? Please provide details.


Member Response - Any events where RL members would be able to be included.

Kermie - It can be difficult but not impossible for RL events. This can be anythign from a video conference to just hang out, to RL meetups (that have ben successful in Europe in the past) to attending conventions and such. It all depends "what type of Rl events" that interests the members. SS Nimbus is a great way to organize this and perhaps an RL Event Coordinator volunteering with the Chief of Communications can help with this too. If you are interest get in touch with comms. UFS can only succeed with volunteeers

Poison - We have been advertising for a RL social event planner since I took over as JC (Oct 2020). I feel there are things that are Discord-based that could be done (we have had movie nights and watch parties without much attendance). There is a book club. It might be fun to play browser-based games together. Things like that. We don't know who the RL members are. But would be happy to hear from any RL-based members who would like to see more social events for RL members, who are willing to help out in making them so.


Member Response - I'd like to see more events like the racing event hosted by Siobhan Crystal. Not necessarily copies of it, though s series of races could be fun, but more the general theme of that being an activity people living in the star trek world would partake in and enjoy. I'd love to see more immersion in activities and shy away from dance events.

Kermie - I am sure Communications will take this under advisement. There are many "Trek Events" that could be done. Lolunut Festival, Klingon Day of Honor, Picard Day, First Conatc Day, ect can all be Immersive events. One thing to note is that just because there is a "dance" or such does not mean that it is OOC. I know personally if i'm on the UFS Sim, or attending an Event, i'm always attending as "Admiral Mistwallow" not as "Kermie". These interactions in this setting we are in are all for characters and "fun" off duy, but can stil be in character and in theme with "Trek"

Poison - We follow the Trek Calendar, we have Lolunut coming up Jul 7/8, we just did Klingon Day of Honor in March, we did Picard Day in June, we celebrated First Contact Day in April, in Sept we will be doing a StarTrek Fest for Sep 8. We try to do non-dance events, in fact I am always telling my staff, can we do non-dance things please. Field Trips, Game Nights, Boat Races, Bowling Night, Greedy Tournaments. On different days at different times, with little response. These events do tend to be OOC as they are not really roleplays.


Member Response - While dances and such are nice, can be fun< i would liek to see more events that focus on Star Trek itself, be it rp opportunities, or Trek themed events, a Risean Beach Party perhaps or a Vulcan scientific debate

Kermie - See above, i think this covers it


Member Response - I would appreciate the availability of events that extend beyond the club and DJ focus. It would be great to have branches showcase their unique talents or even organize an art exhibition. In essence, having a wider range of options for events would be highly desirable.

Kermie - Speak to Comms, help out and organize these things. Again volunteers are needed to bring activites to UFS. Suggestions of "Branch Speaks" events, as well as conferences talking about different subject matter. Showcasing work in the UFS Mueseum (being worked on by me) can also be included, there is space to do this, again, we just need people offering to help.


Member Response - I haven’t been as engaged in the events so not sure if these I am about to suggest happen. I think more larger in character events could add to the immersion. Something like a first contact ceremony. It could have a few people RPing as members of the new race with interesting cultural quirks. There can be speeches or talks from key Starfleet and alien race members followed by a banquet or dance. Also competitive activities among SOTL such as shooting competitions, hand to hand fights, fighter competition, some kind of ground of flying vehicle race, etc.

Kermie - Again I think i've covered this above. I'm currently building up the Diplomatic Department in UFS which is reaching out to other groups, which can bring different events in character to UFS and new friends not only for RP or Events, but general interactions.


Member Response - I can't think of anything at the moment, but I always feel like I can bring it to the joint chiefs in discord if I do.

Kermie - This is great to hear that you feel the JC's are approchable in this way, This is what we need, approchability and ideas/suggetstions brough to the right people.


Member Response - Comms offers a wide range of activities, fron dances, to museums to space rallys. but sadly attendance is lacking. It is disheartening to put so much work, time, and money into an event and have only two or three people attend. Announcements and notices are made constantly, so I am not sure what the answer is.

Kermie - Hopefully the results coming in and suggestions can help with attendance and understanding that a lot of work currently goes into Events.


Member Response - Consideration for people that are Star Trek-themed content creators and live streamers outside of Second Life.

Kermie - I don't know what is meant by consideration, I can only assume that more highlights from comms when someone is streaming, if that is the case then let them know a schedule of streaming content and they can help advertise. It all boils down to communication


Member Response - As director of events I have to say that the efforts of the staff involved is excellent. The attendance of the membership is poor. We have 10 Event runners and Dj's who not only spend a great deal of time planning and organising events but also a lot of $L buying what they need to make them better. We have tried different times to accomodate almost every timezione, dances, cortume parties, dinners, field trips, speciall events, theme events, live acts, just relaxed atmospheres, beach parties and big festavales and still we tend to have 6 event staff and 2 to 3 members in attendance. We advertise with a detailed monthly calander and then weekly updates, we put posters up around the Sim we make in sim announcements and we do discord announcemnets and still there is apathy from the membership. The staff are dedicated and there are so many things that can be done, and although yes we do a lotof dances it is the major way for avatars to interact within SL in a social way. We have even made the suggestion to the membership we are happy to either help them run events, or if they have an idea take up those suggestions and put those events on. I could count on one hand the nember of member suggested Ideas we have had in the last year !!!

Kermie - I don't think that it can be reiterated enough that the hard work and dedication from events staff does not go unnoticed. For the people that do attend I know from attending what I can that wether it's a dance, or a quiz it's enjoyed by those that are there. What seems to happen a lot of the time is interest waivers, the time of year has an effect on attendance, timezones ect. I know that every effort is made to give the members what they want. Events can only work on ideas from members if they are presented with them, or continue to go with what works if it's working. Hopefully this survey can give more ideas. If the members do have ideas or suggestions reach out and give them, don't sit quietly


Member Response - more Dances

Kermie - This is a hard line some wants less dances, some want more, so its giving a good balance of bother "dances" and other content to bring enthusiasm and the sence of community through events into UFS.


Member Response - Star Trek events like First Contact Day, Federation Day, even a UFS Day, alien festivals etc

Kermie - This is already covered aboe, but thank you for the feedback


Member Response - not sure, right now i have not been able to attend most even though i want to, but the times do not work for me

Kermie - Hopefully with more volunteers helping and contributing thier own time like the events team more things can be offered across all timezones


Member Response - I would like to see more In Character evetns, not just dances or special cliques gathering. More focus on Star Trek for eg. Picard Day, Klingon Day of Honor etc

Kermie - This is a recurring suggestion from the survey, Hopefully Comms, events and new volunteers can help with this.


Member Response - I am focused on STO but i would like to see ships from SL participating but also have multiple full SOTL in STO and do events there, cross posting to SL/Dis/Forums.

Kermie - A full SotL in STo can be difficult with everyone being a "Captain" of thier own ships and crew, however should a valid proposal be brought forward for this it could be taken into consideration, how events can get involved in this would have to be discussed and ideas brought forward specifically. The aim is to bring "all" of UFS together with events


Member Response - More Star Trek themed, less generic themes

Kermie - Another recurring comment, please see previous comments regarding this. But Thank you for the feedback


Member Response - More events that are on US friendly time-frames. I am entirely too exhausted to be attending SL events at 1am local time for myself.

Kermie - The more volunteers across all timezones the better equipped Comms and Events will be to provide things across the board

Poison - We have held events at all hours of the day and night. noon SLT, 1400 SLT, 1900 SLT, 2300 SLT, midnight SLT... we're at a loss to know what else we can do to accomodate every time zone. As Kermie says, volunteers are needed to plan, organize, promote, and host events at a variety of times for the benefit of our members.


Member Response - events at a variety of times they are often too late at night or super early in the morning for me

Kermie - see previous comment, thank you for the feedback


Member Response - events outside of second life

Kermie - Please see first response on this topic. Thank you


Member Response - More events that are more than dances with subpar music

Kermie - Recurring, hopefully covered (except the subpar music). If you have suggestions for types of music and genres, communicate with comms and the events team


Member Response - some activities more than dancing

Kermie - Previous comments alreadyy covers this but shows unity in the mindset of what the members want. Thanks for the feedback


End of Responses to Survey Question with additional comment below

Miles - I think Po and Kermie answered these well and the same way I would
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