Survey Responses Part 2 - What suggestions do you have for improving the online roleplaying experience within UFS?

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These are responses to the Survey and replies from Joint Chiefs regarding the Question

What suggestions do you have for improving the online roleplaying experience within United Federation Starfleet?

Member Response - I would like to see more fleet wide events, and perhaps more overall RP at HQ

Kermie - This can be communicated to the CO and XO of HQ who I believe are trying to get thigns started. As for Fleet Wide Roleplays, if you have ideas take them to the Chief of UF Starfeet Operations. it helps to know what people want and get the volunteers to help out with these things.


Member Response - In my opinion, it would be beneficial to observe increased involvement from the Branch Commanders and the Chief of Operations. It would be great to witness their active participation, such as organizing branch-specific roleplays or coordinating fleet-wide storylines. Currently, it appears that the Office of Operations lacks a noticeable presence or engagement with the membership beyond a limited scope.

Kermie - I can agree to this that in order to see what is happening (even behind the scenes) a visual presence needs to be shown. Even in the form of "State of the Fleet" posts on the forums. Opening up the Branch Channels on Discord is also a way for memebrs to see activity in branches that they are not usually aware of the goings on in. This is an attempt to be transparant, and as a UFS member, get involved in areas that may interest you outside of your normal branch.


Member Response - Would be great to have two fleet RP a year if possible. An alternative could be a loose story line that ships can voluntarily participate in. Like a fleet RP lite. A shared enemy with a specific goal could affect each ship differently. Thinking of it like a world event that might affect or not affect each SOTL.

Kermie - Communication is key here, if you have ideas, take it to your CO, and up the chain of command. I do tend to agree that UFS itself needs an overall "Story" culminating in a task force. Much like "Seasons" you see in episodes of Trek. Even at least One Task force a year could accomplish this. While Ships/Stations have thier own stories and adventures, having "crossover" episdodes could be beneficial, however this is sometimes not possible due to timezones of the dirrefent ships and stations of UFS, but it could still be done via forums, or followup supplementals, maybe even alpha/beta shifts interacting with each other on special occasions.

Nora - There are a lot of responses like this -- a desire to see multiple Fleet RPs per year. I think we would all like to see that sort of thing. Fleet-wide RPs are run by volunteers. So if you have an idea, please volunteer! Similarly, we encourage COs to coordinate with other ships and do multi-ship RPs, but of course we can't require that. It's all driven by volunteer activity.


Member Response - I think anything that can be done to enhance online RP experience is currently being implemented or is in the process of being implemented.

Kermie - Good to hear that you feel this way, It is the hope that we can continue to provide what we can for the UFS member in whatever capacity they choose to get involved in.


Member Response - None. Looking forward to more Task Force opportunities in the future

Kermie - As am I


Member Response - Tahts they are better advertised, I personally never hear about them even though I am active on discord, the forums and inworld I generally hear about them either after the fact or part way through. I do agree that my geolocation curtails my ability to participate but I cannot try and plan to do so if I have no idea they are on or to be held.

Kermie - There is a UFS Calander, located on the Forums, Google Calanders, Discord which highlights when each Ship/Station Roleplays. perhaps a solution to this is continue to check them.


Member Response - More

Kermie - I'm assuming this means more Roleplay? If that assumption is correct then be the person that starts it, speak to your Department Chiefs, CO/XO, Branch Commanders, open up the communications, start a discord Roleplay Channel in character discussion by hailing a friend on another ship. Start a forum post as a possible duty log, which could evolve into a mission.


Member Response - I only have experience with one thus far and was very impressed with how it was executed, although more engagement from all of the fleet would have been even better.

Kermie - Engagement is always fun, again to reiterate, different timezones can make this difficult, while every attempt is taken to make sure we are seen as a "Fleet" rather than seperate entities flying the same falg, we must enforce that we are all "playing" the same game as it where when it comes to roleplay.


Member Response - We used to have 2 Fleet Wide Roleplays a year or at least 1. The most recent one is the first in 2 years. That is poor panning and poor communication on the current person in charge of them. This one felt rushed as if it was plucked from a ship's RP and not planned for a fleet wide. The communication was poor, and the finale felt like it was just individual ships doing thier own RP's on the same day raher than everyone coming together. There is no cohesion with the "UFS Story" and i feel that this is the fault of the JC Operations office who need to plan better and give a better vision/direction. In addition in times i've visited ships to guest RP i find it not very inclusive and unless you are part of "The gang" you are not welcome or are spoken over/ignored.

Kermie - This is of course an issue, if you do not feel welcome. While I cannot comment on the planning of the recent task forces as it's not my department to be in the loop with, I can say from experience of running the office in the past that a lot of thought and details go into these. Perhaps the idea was new and kinks needed to be worked out. Whatever the case it's a learning curve and constructive feedback (not attacks) can help with improving the stories in the future.

Nora - If you have an idea for a Task Force or other Fleet-wide RP, please bring it to the Office of UF Starfleet Operations and we'll get you going as a Task Force Storyteller! The reason a Task Force happens is because someone decides they've got a big story to tell. It doesn't typically start in the Office of UF Starfleet Operations. The prospective storyteller brings the story to UF Starfleet Operations. We talk about it and make sure it fits within Trek and UFS canon. We help with in-world notices and forum announcements, but then it's up to the storyteller to run their Task Force. It's a pretty big job! But if you've got the time and the perspicacity for it, it can be quite rewarding.


Member Response - I think we need better collaboration and more frequent crossover/fleetwide events. I think we need to also grow a better team of GMs not assigned to specifc ships/stations..

Kermie - Again this falls to volunteers, UFS is lacking in volunteers, peopel want cahnge but don't stand up and say "i wanna help". I am sure the Chief of UF Starfleet Operations would welcome help and ideas/suggestions to improve how these are delivered and the frequency of them.

Nora - You want to run a Fleet-wide event? Yay! Let's talk about it! We are always looking for people who want to jump in and get involved.


Member Response - More rigorous academy program, focused on RP, Starfleet lore, and character development

Kermie - It has been noted that UFS Academy is bringing back a 3 week academy, this will involve RPing as a Cadet, getting to know UFS, and being in starfleet. Again to reiterate, help is needed to get this off the ground, get in touch with the academy say "How can I help, what do i need to do"


Member Response - one fully organized fleetwide in a few years isn't enough other people should be planning these maybe take turns co by co or have a jc plan them at least 1 per six months

Kermie - This seems to be a recurring theme that memebrs want more, again volunteer, give ideas, follow the chain of command and make it happen if it is what you want to see and be part of.

Nora - Task Force and Fleet-wide events are driven by member activity: by folks who volunteer to do them. So please -- volunteer and run one!


Member Response - COs should be held to a standard where they aren't allowed to be such pretentious jerks who talk shit about folks who can't make their RPs sometimes due to RL.

Kermie - I don't know how to answer this without possible sounding pretentious myself without the intent to. All UFS members should be held to the same standard, there should be no "i have a higher fake rank or position i'm better than you" attitude. Every individual member is repsonsible for thier own actions and adhering to the UFS Membershi manuls Rights and responsibilities. "Real Life" should always take priority, that being said, if you can't make a scheduled mission or activity and have indicated your commitment a heads up through the chain of command is advised ahead of time. As i said a lot of planning goes into Roleplay missions, of course last minute changes happen and are unexpected and no-one should be berated or condemend for that.


Member Response - more RP events weekdays

Kermie - Ship/Stations roleplays are scheduled throughout the week, if one of these times or days are not convenient for you, reach out to other members, say "Hey I'd like to do some character development can you help or do you want to be involved". The UFS Main sim in Second Life is open to everyone, utilize it, communicate, and embrace the opportunities to "live the life" of a Starfleet member.


Member Response - I don't know, my time zone makes it difficult to take part as I'm in the UK and rarely able to take part sadly

Kermie - Highlighting previous points, forums, discord roleplay chanel, personal and duty logs, 24/7 HQ setting. All opportunties to Roleplay if you want to get involved


Member Response - have more fleet wide roleplay

Kermie - Again this is a repeat of previous commetns which I think i've covered. If there is anything else to cover the Office of the Chief of UF Starfleet Operations should be contactable for ideas and suggestions.

End of Responses to this survey question, However additional comments below

Nora - General response on Task Forces and Fleet-wide RPs: I would love to see more as well! We all would. If you have an idea for one, please approach the Office of UF Starfleet Operations and we'll get you going! This is what happened with the last Task Force, and with every Task Force that has been run in the last decade. If you have an idea, please write it up! Bring it in. Let's talk! Likewise with other Fleet RPs: if you have a Branch-wide idea, bring it to your Branch Commander. If you have a Fleet-wide idea that isn't a standard Task Force, bring it to me or to Aryela! For instance: the Marines are now running "Marine Reserve" events where anyone is welcome to experience life as a Marine. This is Fleet-wide without being a Task Force. It's been said before: be the change you want to see. A Task Force is a tremendous amount of work for a storyteller, and typically requires the storyteller to assemble a team of builders, NPCs, and even external groups and sims. It generally takes 2-3 months (or more) of planning to pull off. It is not the sort of thing that should be (or could be) assigned to a person to do. It has to be the storyteller's passion project if it is to be successful. At least, this has been my experience: I have run six of them, and I ran none of them as Chief of UF Starfleet Operations. I was a volunteer. I encourage anyone who wants to see a Task Force to volunteer for the job of Task Force Storyteller and take the time and effort to do it.

Miles - So I don't RP so there isn't too much for me comment on. I would say the same as Kermie and Nora, if people want more, toss in to help build and plan.
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