Copy Bot Allegations - IG Investigation

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Greetings All,

In order to remain with transparancy I am making UFS aware that there have been allegations of Copybotted items being used, sold or given away at UFS locations.

I have tasked the Inspector General with investigating this and will ensure to get to the bottom of it.

One thing I will not tollerate is taking someone elses hard work, financial commitments and sometimes only income and "ripping it" without paying for it for use in UF Starfleet.

This Investigation is ongoing and no further comments will be made on it until after the investigation is complete.

However, be aware we are looking into it.

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During the course of the Investigation there where some hiccups and miscommunications, however the evidence provided has found no fault by any member as per sections:



1.2.5 UFS Code of Conduct

Therefore by unanimous vote of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of United Federation Starfleet, the case is hereby dismissed and closed.

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