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=^= Membership Manual Update =^=

Effective: 220708
Policy: Inactive Members

Notes: This new policy comes into effect on the above date. This is not retroactivly enforced. This replaces the previous AWOL policy

New Policy:

UF Starfleet maintains that you get into the group what you put into it. Instead of money the charge for membership is communication, we are here to make a group and interact with each other. If you fail to maintain communication with the group, in order to preserve our resources and continue the goal to build this group, memberships can be terminated. The following is the process by which this occurs.

As the first line of communication between the group and the member, Ship of the Line Commanding Officers will transfer any member who has failed to maintain communication with them set by the standards of their ship of the line to UFS HQ Unassigned.

At this point UF Starfleet Personnel takes over responsibility for the member. They attempt to communicate with the member via their registered email address to ascertain the member’s status. This is why it is critical and the members responsibility to ensure they have a valid email address registered at UFS.

Upon transfer to Unassigned the member is notified of their movement to the Unassigned status and their membership will be removed in one year if they fail to reply to communication and/or find a new Ship of the Line. Should there be no reply within 6 months there will be another attempt sent with the new deadline given of 6 months remaining. One more attempt will be made at the 9 month mark with a 3 month deadline given. Should there be no communication from the member at the 1 year mark, their membership will be abandoned and it will be viewed by UF Starfleet as a resignation from the group with all access and membership rights removed.

Should the member wish to return within 2 years from the move to resignation due to non communication they may keep all ranks earned. After the 2 year mark their rank will be reduced by 2 grades. This is to ensure they understand that activity is key and policies may change within this time frame. This also ensures the integration back into the group and orientates them better with the surrounding community. Please Note, all contributions to UFS will still remain on the Service Jackets and will remain as such unless falling within other policies such as banning from the group. ... ve_Members
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