Open Doors and Windows! - What's going on in UFS?

The Deputy Commander UF Starfleet assists the office of the Commander in Chief with the overall direction of UFS.

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Greetings, I hope the days find you well.

I wanted to start some behind the scenes information for you on what is currently going on and being discussed as well as give you an insight into what I do in my role as Deputy Commander.

What you may of seen is a policy change with returning members being put into place. This was a long process to get done to make sure things are fair and equal across the board.

There are more policies being worked on to do the same. We want to make things fair, but also ensure they are not taking up resources.

A couple of things that are currently being discussed within the Joint Chiefs are:
  • Awol Policy - Firstly we want to get rid of the term AWOL (Absent without Leave) it is very militarilistic and does not really represent us as a fan group. So what we are looking at is making sure that communication is open and people are ensuring they understand that communication is one of thier responsibilities as a member, this is layed out in the membership manual. If a member is not upholding thier responsibility after an extended time we are possibly going to consider that they no longer wish to be a member. This is still being worked on and should be done soon.
  • UFS Constitution and By-Laws - We are working to update a very outdated document which refered to things such as UFS Inc, Order of Precedence, as well as certain procedures, thisis going to be the place where members can look directly on issues such as IG investigations, what happens with votes of no confidene, and explanations on what UFS is responsible for as a fan group. This will take some time to complete but is being worked on
  • Membership Entrance Exam - We want to make it as simple as possible for someone to become a member in UFS. This can be evident with the ease of a class, but is thats simple? We are currently discusing wether (and it is possible) to make it the members responsibility to read the manual and perhaps just acknowledge that they have done so. This is almost complete.
Some of the things that I am working on with individuals:
  • Part of my Job is to ensure that manuals are consistent and do not have conflicting information, so I'm working with the Chief of Staff to make sure of this.
  • Working with Compops we are ensuring the safety of UFS Assests and Member information, we are always looking for ways to improve these things and they are always a top priority.
  • Special Projects - Andrew Kerr has been appointed Director of Special Projects, within that we are working on ways to improve UFS as a whole, whether it is with new coding for websites, or simple plugins that can, to changes that can be for the betterment of all.
As well as speaking with individual departments under the Joint Chiefs (with them in the loop) my IM's and Disocrd messages are always full with communication which I feel is a step in the right direction. Miles and I have always stated we are open to suggestions and ideas and we will always listen. This seems to be evident with the feedback we are getting and it is great to see.

On a personal note: I am aware that some are still hesitant with either bringing ideas forward, or even with me personally in this position. I hope over the coming months these opinions will change. What we want is to be "United" and work "together" to make this a fun place for everyone.

If you have suggestions, ideas, comments, thoughts then bring them up the chain of command, or simply jump in one of our IM boxes, we are always here to listen, to learn from the past, and to make a better future for all, past, present and future!

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Deputy Commander in Chief
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Lots of momentum in the right direction here, I think. Exciting times for UFS!
In Service,

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