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What option would you choose?

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More Formal
Something Else
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Kermie Mistwallow
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I am looking for feedback regarding the Promotions and Awards Ceremony held each month to celebrate the success of our members.

The topic has been addressed with the Joint Chiefs and rather us make the decision to change we want you to choose what you prefer.

The options are

Continue as normal - For those that like to have the humour, charges read (reason for promotion), Guilty pleas and punishment (all done in fun) select that option.

Change to More Formal - this would simply be reading off the reason for the promotion and the promotion itself

Something Else - email to or IM one of the JC's
Deputy Commander in Chief
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Drewski Northman
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So, I wanted to add a bit of explanation to my vote. I hope its not inappropriate to share some additional thoughts here.

I voted to keep the humor and lighter aspects, but I think as everything in life, it should be balanced. As with all comedy, there’s a fine line that can be crossed if you’re not careful. If I were 100% honest, I think the line was crossed a bit on Saturday. There were several points where I was inwardly cringing, and I usually don’t during the P&A. So, do I want us to be able to enjoy the ceremony and have a good time with it and be able to laugh as well as celebrate the achievements of our friends. BUT I think we should be careful not to go too overboard. I hope that makes sense.
In Service,

Captain Drewski Northman
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Ulrich Bechir
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Intelligence - Captain
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I voted for more formal myself. While I understand that humour can be very nice, I think there is a possibility to go overboard, even if by accident. We're all guilty of it sometimes. As we don't necessarily know the tolerances of another person for what I know is supposed to be teasing, I think it might just be better to avoid it. This is a huge venue with lots of people in it, this means that if the person feels embarrassment or humiliation it is magnified greatly compared to other venues. Perceptions about power dynamic could also effect this. Finally, I believe it also has to be remembered that we are supposed to be celebrating the recipient, not entertaining the crowd. If the person feels uncomfortable then we haven't really honoured them well.

These, of course, are my views. I can live with whatever is decided and I fully respect Drew's point of view.

In Service,

CMDR Ulrich Bechir
INTEL Officer, USS Veracruz
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Bodan Resident
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I voted for more formal, not that it matters to me as I can hardly ever make it to UFS stuff on Saturday's, hence my absence for my own this Saturday just gone. I kind of agree with the two previous posts though, I think the humour can easily be misinterpreted especially as its delivered in written form.
Captain Bodan Landar
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Lizzy Gracemount
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The humor is my favorite part. It creates a lighter mood and helps me forget my reality for a while.
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I agree with Lizzy. Some people take rank way too seriously. The humor is a way to remind them that this is supposed to be fun.
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Ferre Flamand
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I have also opted to leave everything as it is. Humor should be possible, although not everyone's humor is of the same caliber. As long as it doesn't turn into some downright vaudeville which I don't think will happen anytime soon. It struck me, the first time I experienced it, positively that it was given a humorous swing :)
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Siobhan Crystal
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A highlight, for me, of the P&A ceremony is the humor. Ceremony is fine, but to just hand out an award without a personal touch is something that can be done by mail. To actually take the time to show the recipient you care enough to acknowledge them in a personal manner, other than a cold statement and a handshake (virtual), means far more to me than another pip or a ribbon.

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Greg Esharham
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While I would say I would prefer the ceremony to be more aligned with a formal Military based ceremony ( Not forgetting that Roddenberry did base the system of Star Fleet on the US Navy ) I don't mind the humor, this whole thing is supposed to be a bit of fun. Just as long as it's not disrespectful.

I would suggest we do add change of command ceremonies and hand over for ships, stations and command positions as well to the monthly P & A. This would make it easier for the Members to follow who are in these positions as sometimes single announcements can be missed and it is nice to know.

There are not many I doubt it would add more than a few Minutes.

I rarely make them ( even my own due to time zone ) although I would like to, but I do read back the whole thing most times for a couple of reasons to stay informed and to see who the recipients are to congratulate them specifically those I know personally.
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I voted for formal simply as that was the way it was in the Royal NZ Navy.
Ensign Amanda Cruisier
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continue as normal
Oola Quan
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Operations - Lt Commander
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I like the normal one, though I must admit I miss Kermie's punishments. I did enjoy them
MilesPrower Dagger
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I can see both sides, it really depends on your experiences. The funny one comes from Generations and I think it works well when its personalized and with friends but I can also see people wanting it to be more formal. There isn't a right answer to me.
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David7 Bravin
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Science - Commodore
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I have voted for "More Formal" because amongst other things, the P&A Ceremony should be to recognise and praise those members who have worked hard to be promoted and to celebrate their achievements. Their hard work should NOT to be regarded as a "crime" and the reasons for their promotion being read out as "charges" for which they are expected to plead "guilty" and then be given stupid "punishments".
Although some may regard this as "fun" - it may not be for the individual on the receiving end, especially if others present at the P&A ceremony join in by adding their comments.

The "Change to More Formal" does not have to "simply be reading off the reason for the promotion and the promotion itself" - it can be more. 

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Michel Farrell
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UFS Civilian
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I have voted for "More formal" . Ceremonies like this are serious business in my eyes, not a place for this "Crime" and "Punish" jokes. How would you think a new member that just graduated as an Ensign and attending de P&A ceremony for the very first time will look at this? Maybe he/she gets a wrong impression of UFS.
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