Transparency - Joint Chief Meeting 220521

The Deputy Commander UF Starfleet assists the office of the Commander in Chief with the overall direction of UFS.

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Good Day All,

In a bid to be a little transparant I would like to share wit hyou some of the topics that have been discussed this week in our first JC meeting with the new Commander in Chief and Deputy Commander.

Hopefully this insight will give you a view into what we are working on, our goals for UF Starfleet and show that we really are open books (on most things).

Now not all topics are going to be posted due to a lot of conversations needed before things are announced and discussed, this is just in case we decide not to go a certain route and needing to get more infomration first.

Not everythng is set in stone and things are subject to change

So here is the list of Topics and a brief description of the things discussed.

- Sector Commanders, Looking at rather than having these by location, having them by activity, for example SC of Gaming, SC of SL, etc

- More Volunteer Opportunities, for example photography for fun around UFS, ways for people to get involved but have fun at the same time not always having to "create a position" for them to do so

- Ship of the Line Program, Vetting Co's, 6 months experience before being a CO is considered, Possibly poll CO's on what makes a good CO for better understanding for training and guidance. still working on SotL manual

- 3 Billet Rule, Limiting the amount of positions someone can hold to 3 to ensure non burnout and allowing other people to get involved

- Vacancy Listing and person monitoring said listing to help fill positions in JC offices (would not hold recruiting power, just help with advertising and removing vacancy listings)

Additional DC tasks
- Looking into Zazzle Store/UFS Merch
- Look into why members are returning, what are we doing well
- Heraldry update Challenge coin images to incorporate new JC's and positions
- Charity begins at home, focus not only on RFL, but membership support eg gofundme for Lizzy's dad, any other member needs help
- Discuss with Compops on opening forums for read only to all, must be member to comment or post
- Q&A After P&A Ceremony, for members to address concerns
Deputy Commander in Chief
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