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Donating to UFS

Posted: 201001.0856
by Eddie Hagoromo
Hello UFS Members!

UFS is looking for help.

There comes a time when we need to look to our members for support, and this is one of those times. In order to maintain UFS Assets such as Server hosting, we have found a way that will not only support UFS now but also in the future with expansions and such.

You can now (if you choose) donate to UFS to help support server running costs, hosting, and also help build up a pot so that we can offer more for you the members, donate to charities and so much more. A new "Donate to UFS via Ko-Fi" button has been added to the right sidebar on the UFS Forums, in the UFS Discord and on the UFS Website where you can donate as much or as little as you wish! We thank you in advance for any donation received.

As of this current moment, we are working on building up a year's hosting with a new provider that will ensure better uptime for our EU members since we understand there have been random downtimes happening in the EU Time Zone. With the donations collected, we will be able to move to a more reliable server and also work on new toys for you to enjoy.

This is not a "buy a status" or "buy a promotion or award" scheme, it is simply a way for us to stand up as Joint Chiefs and say, "We need help" and for you to help with the kindness of your hearts.

UFS will always remain free for all members, new and old. Please do not feel compelled that you have to donate. There are plenty of positions opening up soon where you can make your mark at UFS to assist all old and new members coming in, so as we say in Starfleet, all hands on deck!

Here's to many more years together!

On behalf of the UFS Joint Chiefs

(Message created with assistance from Kermie)

Re: Donating to UFS

Posted: 221021.1756
by Siobhan Crystal
So easy to do. This is the perfect time to buy a Pumpkin Latte for UFS