2022 Banquet Speech - Extended Edition

The Deputy Commander UF Starfleet assists the office of the Commander in Chief with the overall direction of UFS.

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I'm going to included here my banquet speech with an extended version, there was so much more to address but with time constraints it was not all possible. Also to give a clearer image.

Over the past few weeks I have been looking back on UFS and its history for the past 12 months to try and determine what highlights there have been that are noteworthy or mentioned here at the Banquet.

One of the things I was trying to do was get a “celebration” of UFS over the year to really focus on the positive, however that would just be sugar coating issues that have arisen and would not be giving a true reflection of UFS’ progression.

Let's start with some major changes.

As many are aware on Stardate 220420 Fleet Admiral Mike Calhoun took the opportunity to step down as Commander-in-Chief. Fleet Admiral Calhoun was instrumental in forming UFS, and had led the group for many years, working through many issues, confrontations, accomplishments and goals. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Mike for all his work over the years.

On the same Stardate 220420 Milesprower Dagger took command of UFS and was appointed the Commander-in-Chief, while it has been less than a year since he took the position Miles is not new to the role. Serving as the Deputy Commander-In-Chief for 9 years, Miles has always been there for UFS and will hopefully continue to be for many years to come. It is also worth mentioning that this month marks 14 years since Miles and I joined UFS (just 2 weeks apart) and went through the Academy… Time flies when you're getting grey hairs.

We also had the opportunity to update our uniform textures, as well as create a new Mess Dress Uniform, which you all look fabulous in. This was a more difficult than people imagine it would be. If you think that with all the different faces on a mesh, then add in how many different shapes there are to adhere, upload costs of textures as well as the scripting to make sure they stay convieniet with only having to wear one uniform and change via a HUD, you can now probably get a better idea of how much work went into updating them. The textures are more crisp and they give us a new lease of Life. None of this would of been possible without the Hard work and Dedication of Benjamin Brougham. I would like to say a huge thank you to Ben who did this in his own free time and of no cost to UFS or it's members.

People ofton forget how much other members want the group to succeed and this sort of dedication is worthy of making note.

We would be remiss if we did not also talk about the struggles and issues that UFS has faced over the past year as well. A few of the things have come from myself, poor communication, poorly written statements, emotional confrontations and defensiveness, but we're all constantly learning and growing, so thank you for your patience and assistance in helping me grow and learn in this position. This also extends to the UFS members, there have been times where we are so passionate about the discussions we have we fail to realize just how much of our communication is lost. Mostly with Text (and i've addressed this before) we chat and it comes across as arrogant, aggressive and confrontational. I'm happy however to see people realize this, they understand and acknowledge mistakes in judgement and most of all they forgive. The UFS members are some of the most forgiving peopel around the world in a fan group. This is not only great to see as we strive for a better tomorrow but also shows that we are truly embracing the ideals of a positive future for all.

We are always evolving as a group, a fandom and as people and these issues will always be at the forefront of UFS due in part to the passion that we all have for this group. Personalities will clash, people will fall out of friendship but ultimately everyone’s goal is the same; To improve UFS.

We also had a rebranding this year with the logos and the UFS Motto changing from “UFS Strong” to “Boldly Going Forward”... Yes, I am still a sore loser that “UFSy McUFSFace” did not win as the motto, but I’ll still use it anyway. As we continue to embody this new motto we look to the future to renew our love of Trek and this group, we move together as a fleet embracing all our differences and learn from each other. Lan Nakajima was instrumental in this rebranding, from pulling a poll of the members to nominate for a new motto, to assisting Heraldry (Benjamin Brougham) with ideas of Logos and such. It is this drive and determination again that helps UFS to move forward into a new era.

One of the other things that we had this year was a deper involvement with the Sci Fi Expo, thank to the generosity of Lan and ben who not only helped build our booth but also supplied it for us we saw a wealth of new members join the group. When UFS pulls together as a group we can really showcase just what we have to offer.

So what’s next?

Miles and I are working on a few projects, these include the UFS Constitution and By-Laws, the revamp of the Marines, reorganising the Joint Chiefs, as well as anything else that pops up.

Starting on Jan 1st will also be implementing a new Awards system, this has taken months of hard work and dedication with cross communication between the Heraldry Director, Director of Promotions and Awards and myself. We think this is going to be a lot less confusing for people when it comes to awards and we hope that once it rolls out everyone will find it much easier to submit someone for an award. More on this to come in the coming weeks.

While on the subject of Promotions and Awards, the department will be moving from the Chief of Staff Office to directly under the Cinc and DCinC. Luc has done a great job overseeing this for the past few years. However, as part of the reorganisation it was agreed that due to the fact that the CinC and DCinC make most of the decisions, outsourcing the department was only adding another layer of potentially confusing communication.

Making things easier for the members to access information, to volunteer to contribute at fleet level, and to have fun is the primary goal of both Miles and I for UFS going forward. We have shown this with open forum posts, trying to improve communication and will always be on hand should someone have an idea or suggestions, which we discuss and in some cases refer to the person that it falls under.

We all joined UFS for different reasons, but over the past 12 months all of our accomplishments as a group have been too many to count or address. As a Joint Chief and being able to work with all levels of members I am happy that we are still going strong, that we continue to celebrate each other not only as individuals but as a fandom. The future is bright for all of us, with all of us working together and with all of us contributing there is only one way to go and that is forward. Thank you to every single member of this group, for challenging us to be better, for supporting each other, and most of all for bringing fun.

I would like to end my segment with a toast. To all the UFS Members Past, Present and Future, Thank you for your hard work, dedication and constant drive, Boldly Going Forward, To UFS!

I'd now like to take the opportunity to give reasons for the "Of the Year" recipients

William T. Riker Award -Member of the Year
Victoria Moonshadow

Victoria works tirelessly behind the scenes as the Director of Personnel, this is not just a weekly task, this is everyday that she is either sorting out transfers, sending emails out to members to check status, or updating SJ's with bios, awards, promotions. Victoria does this without quarrel and always with a smile on her face. Her dedication to UFS and her role has really made her shine this year.

James T. Kirk Award - Command Officer of the Year
Drewski Northman

Drew has been one of those people that is always present, from his work as the Branch Commander of Science to his now CO of the USS Atlas. Many times we have heard the name Drew in a positive light, whether it's members saying "oh he really helped me" or offering constructive feedback. Drew is a shining light on the Command Branch.

Alynna Nechayev Award - Flag Officer of the Year
Poison Toocool

Poison has been an evr presence in UFS for more than this year. However this year she has shown that we are only limited by our own imagination. Her work with the communications team ensuring UFS has an online presence with blogs, news stories and Events has been a drive forward. Her work with the Denkiri Centre shows that anyone can have a home no matter how you want to enjoy your fandom. Posion has an always will be a model of the vision of UF Starfleet, her dedication, loyalty and drive is always at the forefront.

Picard Award - Officer of the Year
Alia Soulstar

Alia took over from SS Astraois this year as it's commanding officer, we often see award recommendations put in for her for her building sills and scripting, but its not just objects she builds, she helps build up people, defends what she feels is right and shows her dedication to not only her crew and colony but to UFS.

Benjamin Sisko Award - Staff Officer of the Year
Silvo Rosca

Silvio toils away behind the scenes, relatively unacknowledged. As Academy Chief Administrator he receives the certificates from Moodle and reports from UFSA Instructors, logs them accurately, then updates member Service Jackets with their classes, twice a week. Anywhere from 30 to 100 classes come in a week so it's no little job and he does with without supervision and with diligence. In addition, he is director of both the Basic Branch Certification Program & the Starfleet Branch Intro Program. In both cases he records registrations, corresponds with applicants, tracks their progress, and issues their certificates when the program is complete. He is completely reliable and manages these jobs with tact and dedication.

Rookie of the Year - Junior Member of the Year
Ferre Flamand

Ferre came into UFS with the drive to succeed. His weather reports and ability to keep up with the roleplay by providing daily weather updates in sim, that shines for any Junior officer in UFS that is working in improving interactivity between members. Here is always in Discord ready to say hello, engage in conversation and showcase not only his talents but share that success with his fellow crewmembers.

Ship of the Line Recognition of Excellence - Ship of the Line of the Year
Denkiri Centre for Creativity

The Denkiri centre has not only upheld the administration side of thier reporting with 100% accuracy they have given UFS a new lease of life. This vision of creating a place for peopel to express thier own interests, engage in meaningful conversations and discussions as well as showcase the UFS members works has truly been inspiring.
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2022 Banquet Speech (3am edition)
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