Inspector General Purpose

The Commander in Chief oversees the infrastructure of UFS as well as provides direction to all other officers on how to proceed to accomplish the goals of UFS.

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Hello everyone,

As I posted earlier, life is a learning experience and a growing one, after the recent issues I am going to clarify the purpose of the IG and what it will and will not look into.

The Inspector General is to look into possible breaches of the UF Starfleet Constitution, Manual and other Regulations. The only instances of content theft they might look into is if it is something owned by UFS. These are things we issue to members for use, such as our uniforms or digital content we are using on our sites. UFS doesn’t own any SIMs, and isn’t responsible for things people do on them. It is why we can’t control who is and isn’t banned from a SIM for example. If someone feels they are observing content theft where UFS is present they may still bring the concern to the IG however they might be instructed to file the complaint with other parties if it isn’t claimed UFS property.

For those who are not reading this correctly this is not UFS refusing to take responsibility this is UFS taking responsibility for itself, focusing its energy and resources better and we will continue to aid as able.

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