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Howdy All!

I started some stream days on Discord but there seemed to not be a lot of interest but thinking about it it might have been the issue I was doing them somewhat impromptu. If I was to try to get a more solid time for them would people be interested in viewing parties on Discord?
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I love movie nights when I can be there. I missed the times you were streaming tho, but that's expected if you couldn't do it during day time or viewers are off sleeping... So I think what you could do is when you know you'll have time to do one, have a notice posted on the day in the grids and announce it on the forums at least five hours before you're going to stream it in Discord... then send a reminder about half an hour before you start and then use Discord to announce that you're starting your stream when you started. That way if viewers are available, they know when it'll happen and can be there!
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Are you able to commit to a semi-regular timetable? If so we could add it to out the event schedule for you and advertise it.

Holding events at short notice was one of the things people pointed out in your " What would you like to see " post.

People like to know fairly well in advance even for impromptu events. I know that sounds sort of strange, but I sort of agree.

For me, it takes planning to get in for some things or events I have gotten up at 04.00 to make it to P & A and to make sure another event set was finished being placed.

Ive been doing my Classic Sci-Fi movies since march and even at 17.00 SL time Saturday ( My 10.00 Sunday ) It is only rarely I get more than two people, It depends on timing and who is on.
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