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The Commander in Chief oversees the infrastructure of UFS as well as provides direction to all other officers on how to proceed to accomplish the goals of UFS.

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Greetings and welcome to the UFS Promotions, Awards and Graduation Ceremony for the Month of May

I'd like to start today's ceremony with a message from the Commander In Chief.

I am sorry I couldn’t attend in person however at times it happens. I wanted to offer my congratulations to all those being recognized here today and give everyone some things to think about. UFS has had untold amounts of mantras over the years that I can’t even try to remember them all, at times some show back up because they have been forgotten or still ring true and earn repeating. In this case, the one that I am going to give to everyone again is “You get out of UFS what you put into it.” What I mean by this is basic effort and teamwork.

The largest goal I am setting for UFS is to return us to a group and a community that has fun together. Part of this is I need all of you to take part and tell me, tell us, what we need to work on. I have done quite a few forum posts and plan for more and more to come but I need you all to log into them and read them. Read the notices in the UFS groups. Keep informed of what is going on and take part in things that seem fun and if asked questions give input it's the only way we can grow and thrive as a group. Kermie posted a summary of our last JCS meeting, as I write this it has been viewed 90 times whereas some others are sitting in the hundreds. If you haven’t read it please do so. Know what we are talking about and thinking and use the same media to ask questions, give support, voice concerns we need all of this to better ourselves.

I know there is often intimidation when posting and talking, there is a perceived power some members might have that if you tell them something they don’t want to hear it might somehow harm you. This is false. Myself, Kermie, everyone in this group is a member and has the right to their own beliefs, feelings and opinions. The only thing we ask is we discuss it respectfully among each other and not make it personal. We might not be able to do something you want, we might have to do something you don’t want that doesn't make your opinion or feeling invalid I can tell you in my time here I’ve had to do things I didn't like because it was the best choice of the worst choices, not that I thought they were good.

If you have any questions you are free to use the Forum to ask, start conversation. We have a discord group with an Ask the JCS options. I am also open to ideas for other avenues of communication. So my encouragement to you all is to use the voice you have and the passion you have to help us all make UFS the best Star Trek Experience that we can.


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