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The Commander in Chief oversees the infrastructure of UFS as well as provides direction to all other officers on how to proceed to accomplish the goals of UFS.

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Hello Everyone!

I was able to attend the CO meeting today and we had a follow up with a JCS meeting and alot was discussed and communication is growing which is the key to success. I am going to keep repeating somethings until you are all tired of hearing them, in fact you will likely have nightmares of me saying it. Communication is the Key, We need to work together. They might sound cliche but they are absolutely true. We, the membership, from myself and the JCS to the newest member need to communicate and talk to accomplish a few key things. First is to get to know each other and rebuild the community of fans we have always been. We get closer by talking, not just about the show but that is a lead in to making friends here which is the overall point. The second part is to learn what we want from this group and grow it together. We can only move in the right direction when we as a group know what it is.

I am calling on every member, at every level, no matter how new or senior to be part of this. I need to know what you all are thinking, what you all are interested in doing and such. For this I need you all to speak up and tell me and take some interest. This is as simple as replying to a forum poll. Example I asked people for some feedback:

Only 30 people looked at it and only 9 of them replied to it. I need to know how to drive these numbers up, even if just to say no, not interested. Is there a desire for Town Halls again? The Support Services Meetings, Think Tanks and the list goes on. I am willing to use pretty much any medium that is requested to have these conversations but I need to know what people want to use.

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