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The Commander in Chief oversees the infrastructure of UFS as well as provides direction to all other officers on how to proceed to accomplish the goals of UFS.

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Mike Calhoun
Command - Fleet Admiral
Command - Fleet Admiral
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Duty Post: Commander-in-Chief UFS
Ship/Station Posted: UF Starfleet Headquarters
Grid: Unknown
Location: Venezuela
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it has been brought to my attention that there is a fake mike calhoun avatar in SL...be aware that this is not me.....if this person contact you...ignore him....just look at the profile and you will notice that this avatar was made the 21st of october 2020...

There is only 1 Mike Calhoun avatar which has been around since 2006.....My second Life account is still very much active (not suspended or whatnot)
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katherineAubrey Resident
Medical - Lieutenant JG
Medical - Lieutenant JG
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Ship/Station Posted: USS Peedy Thor
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Salutes the Admiral
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Drewski Northman
Command - Captain
Command - Captain
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Ship/Station Posted: USS Atlas
Grid: Second Life
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If you give us the username, the Land Admin team can make sure they are banned from the sim. Thanks for letting us know.
In Service,

Captain Drewski Northman
CO, USS Atlas NCC 74138
Branch Commander: UFS Science
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