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The Commander in Chief oversees the infrastructure of UFS as well as provides direction to all other officers on how to proceed to accomplish the goals of UFS.

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Greetings Everyone,

So we are going to talk about the UFSMC with this post. To start I rarely lock my posts so people can reply and talk and discuss because that is what I think part of the group is about, but please don’t reply until you have read the post in its entirety. Next, many of the things I am going to say about the lore and history are second hand so please don’t take it as gospel because I was not here when UFS started. This is not meant to have an argument or such, it's simple to explain. So to begin.

So many have asked “Why are there Marines in UFS?” and there are a number of answers, here is the most simple - People want them. Just like people want a Discord Channel, a SIM, Uniforms, the list continues. Some other ones are that they have been here since the start because they were there before the start of UFS.

There is also - “Marine’s arn’t canon.” First let’s start on where they are seen. Marines started I am pretty sure in a table top game for Star Trek called FASA many moons ago. They are in a video game called Starfleet Command for the PC. There could be more I am unaware of. There are questionable appearances in the more ‘main’ canon. In Star Trek VI there is the Character Colonel West that there is conjecture he was a Colonel and not a Captain and was part of some special unit that was ground forces. I have also heard that there is a note somewhere that the name was a total pseudonym so the President would have deniability and such.

There are many things in UFS that aren’t canon, we have made up species, lore, technology, and more. There is also nothing in the shows that I know of that says there are no ground forces in the Federation. This is where we roll into that people need to let other people have their fun, if someone wants to RP outside of SL, wants to converse more on discord and SL, and such we as a group have got to stop putting down people’s passions in the fandom.

What is the purpose of the UFSMC? It is a place where people can interact with other people who share the same interests. Those interests are military and warfare in Star Trek. For those who say that that has no place in Star Trek, I can only say you need to watch more of the shows and movies and play more of the games. There are plenty of both in the setting to interest people in it. The problem recently is that the UFSMC has not been able to provide that place.

So we are to current events, I have stood down the UFSMC for the time being so we can get them where they need to be. Members are still permitted to be in the corp, they are still free and encouraged to do fun things that the marines are supposed to provide. What has been done is the structure that was not doing the job it needed was deactivated so that it could be rebuilt from the ground up as needed to meet the needs of the membership.

As stated before the purpose of the UFSMC is to help people who are more interested in the combat aspects of the universe talk and enjoy that portion of it. Right now there are a number of idea that have been given and are being considered as to how they can meet that need. We are of course open to more suggestions and ideas. I plan to have some open discussions about it in the future so if anyone has any ideas please write them down somewhere so when asked you can share them.

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Just a slight nitpick here... people are using the words "Corp" and "Corps" to mean the same thing, and they are very different, as you can see on this page. The Marines are members of the Marine Corps, not the Marine Corp. Our wiki has many instances of the improper use of "Corp" also.
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