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The Commander in Chief oversees the infrastructure of UFS as well as provides direction to all other officers on how to proceed to accomplish the goals of UFS.

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I have taken some time to read this forum thread as well as been in discussions with Miles about the things posted.

The reason I have not posted before now is that I wanted to make sure that I read things more than once to get a better understanding of the concerns and also not be accused of replying on impulse.

I want to address some of the major points made here as well as make some of my own.

Hopefully this is seen constructively.


Being visible is not logging into a metaverse Grid, and it’s not talking all day in Discord, it’s proactively being on hand for questions, concerns and giving direction for the group.

A persons’ visibility cannot be compared to another person’s. For example I work from home, so i am logged in to discord and chat, but others work away from their living space, and so instead they respond to emails, IM’s and such. That is still visible.


This is a difficult one to address as there can be many interpretations on what leadership is. For example

Leadership is the ability of an individual or a group of individuals to influence and guide followers or other members of an organization.
Leadership is setting and achieving goals, tackling the competition, and solving problems decisively and quickly.
The definition of leadership is to influence, inspire and help others become their best selves, building their skills and achieving goals along the way.

But there are also different types of leadership, I believe you can read this in one of the classes at UFS Academy; Intro To Leadership -

You will see there is never ever one style of Leadership that is going to be effective but many that can be adopted. Each Leader is going to choose their own style that fits them and their own circumstances.

Term Limits

This is a topic that has come up before in the Joint Chiefs conversations and suggestions. It could be discussed further but I'd like to take the opportunity to share my opinion on it.

I do not think term limits would work, and I say this not to “protect my own position” (more will be explained on this later) but as a productivity element.

Let’s say we set a term limit of 3 years, and let’s say the JC of Ops is highly active and moving forward at a positive angle and making sure there is activity for the group, they represent themselves as a fine officer and they have more planned to keep that momentum going.

At the 3 year mark we say “Thank you for your service. Your term is now up please vacate your seat (obviously not like that but you get my meaning hopefully).

Is it fair to tell someone who is having fun, contributing for the betterment of UFS and is active that they are no longer needed?

I would say not. It could also cause other issues, a momentum gets going, we start moving forward and then someone new comes in and tips it upside down again resetting the progress of the past 3 years of positivity.

So while I disagree with Term Limits, perhaps instead there could be a form of Self and Peer assessment on those within the JC’s. I don’t know if that would work but it’s another option out there.

Removing Leadership, Direction for UFS, Statement of Purpose

This is something that is in the works and is being written by myself and the Joint Chiefs and involves the “UFS Constitution and By-Laws”. While this is not complete and is still a work in progress i think it might be time to share a little (obviously some of this may still change but i at least want to show that I am working on it with Miles and the other JC’s)

Statement of Purpose
- The purpose of this organization shall be to create an environment in which Star Trek fans from all over the world can come together and pursue their love of a common fandom; and to promote fellowship among those interested therein, with the additional purpose of organizing UFS members into sectors to better promote the objectives and activities of UFS, which include remaining true to the Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (IDIC) philosophy and the basic foundations of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet regardless of their age, sex, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Removal of Senior Officers from Positions -
Commander-in-Chief, and Deputy Commander, UF Starfleet - Serves at the pleasure of the Membership.
i) A motion of no confidence can be called by the Joint Chiefs. If a Majority vote occurs in favor of the motion by the Joint Chiefs it will progress to a group-wide vote.

Obviously this is not the full extent and is not currently in effect, but it is on the agenda, as I said earlier in this post I am not protecting my position in UFS, but instead being accountable.

Other Comments

Some might ask “Why is Kermie responding to the post of the CinC, that is not his job”. Well I am a member, like everyone else here, however the role that I am assigned gives me some more insight that others don’t see, I also work hand in hand with Miles to make sure we are doing the best we can for the group as a whole.

Change is not going to happen overnight. Miles’ direction for the group is still being implemented. Please do not forget that we had 15 years of the previous Commander In Chief, and while he did what he thought was best for the group, we are now in a new Era, and it will take time.

What I am going to ask (and I know for a fact I have personally been guilty of this) is try not to respond to things on impulse or out of anger. It never solves anything, before you type, think, re read, is what you are saying benefiting the group or is it something you just need to “get off your chest”?

UFS needs to change, but it can only do that if people are willing to change, we do listen, we do make decisions that not everyone is going to like. We are trying to create a healthy environment, and yes things need to be fixed, but I also ask that you at least give us the opportunity to enact that change.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I sincerely hope we can all move past our personal conflicts, disagreements and falling out and start today by putting the past behind us, and treat this now as Day One.

UFS - Boldly Moving Forward
Deputy Commander in Chief
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I've sat back and watched this but want to throw my 2 cents in.

From a Recruitment and Retention perspective, UFS needs to change. The attitudes of complaining and division need to stop point blank. If you're complaining you could be shifting that energy into doing something to help instead of tear down. That's always been the attitude and it's always been detrimental to the groups well being.

I also think that instead of termimits we need something to hold the JCs accountable, including even allowing a vote of non confidence being a membership level point of correction. When you have people who have been in a position for years and they start being inactive in front of or behind the scenes it's a bad look. When we have JCs getting nasty or deflecting legitimate concerns we also have an issue, and quite frankly I don't think the bulk of membership trusts the JCs to self regulate in that regard. This is a volunteer based organization and I can appreciate that people have RL issues and commitments, but if it's long term then things grind to a halt and it benefits no one.

Maybe this won't resonate well, maybe I'll find myself involved in an IG investigation because that seems to be the new route when you don't like what someone's doing, but I feel better having said it.
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It's now ten days since the original post welcoming comments and questions, and yet there has still not been one single response directly from the CiC regarding any of the points raised. In light of the nature of the original post and subsequent criticisms I find this quite unbelievable.
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Bodan Resident wrote:
It's now ten days since the original post welcoming comments and questions, and yet there has still not been one single response directly from the CiC regarding any of the points raised. In light of the nature of the original post and subsequent criticisms I find this quite unbelievable.
To begin, none of you asked me a question, you shared with me your opinions which don't always require a reply. Another is that instead of replying here I have been talking to Kermie and others on how to improve and work on the opinions and concerns. I don't always as an immediate answer to everything and I have been working on other UFS work. If you want some direct replies, sure -

Visibility. - Most everyone has said the same think I have, I also am having issues getting into SL recently as I intended to host the P&A last week however my computer crashed twice, and lag spiked me so hard it was almost impossible, I am working to see what caused this and fix it.

Leadership - I welcome all feedback on my and the JCS leadership, doesn't mean at the drop of a hat they or I can fix or change something.

Term Limits / Removing Leadership - This has been talked about and still is being talked about, we are in the process of redrafting the Constitution and it is an idea along with some others that have been proposed. Again this group has been run a certain way for almost 2 decades it doesn't change quickly.

Elections - Popularity contests and at the moment we don't have a secure way to host them even if we wanted to so there isn't much we can do.

Delay in my reply - I have said this before and will again, UFS is a fan club and a hobby I don't let it consume my life. Everyone's life is different, some have more time and want to give it more some don't. I know most of the JCS well enough to tell you that they would speak up if I was neglecting my duties. I've known Kermie for years and pretty sure he would Gibb's slap me and tell me I am not doing enough. A deal of my time I commit to UFS is done on the back end and not always visible to the membership. I have been working with the IG on a few issues, I am working on a state of the fleet update which I planned to have some of these issues in, and I am working on a post of the future of the marines. There are at times complications that arise, for example when I had to drop everything and go help my mother because her car broke down. Fun fact I also get a huge amount of communications from emails, to forums, to IMs to Discord PMs, and as surprising as it may be I can miss things at times because of that so sometimes coming back to a forum post slips my mind as I am writing pages of documents.
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