Commander Morath Landfall - In Memory

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Lizzy Gracemount
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It is with a heavy and broken heart that I write this post. Yesterday, January 19, 2021, my SL dad, Morath Landfall, left this world to join my SL mom, Alaina Fraina, in the afterlife. He had complications from a medical treatment, became non-responsive and passed away not long after. I am devastated.

I remember the first time that I met Morath. He was the Chief of Medical on the SS Alexandra and I was a new cadet in UFS. I was mischievious and sassy and soon we became friends. Over the years, he started calling me, Lizmonster, and was just always there. Years after we met, we became family and he introduced me to his SL partner at the time, Alaina Fraina. They were not together as a couple anymore by the time of her passing in December but they were always the best of friends and almost always on the phone. At least once a day, she would call to check up on him or he would call her. They were never separate.

There are not many people I would say are the most important in my life. The ones who mean so much to me that I would wade through a huge crowd to save if I could. If I could place myself before a bullet and them, I would. Alaina and Morath are in that handful of people I would call my family. I miss Alaina so much and now I have to process the loss of such a warm and kind soul in Morath too.

His kind soul is forever missing in this world. I will never hear Alaina call me her "babygirl" or her "love" again. I will never hear him laugh and "mew" as he calls me his "lizmonster" again. These are a few of the things that made me enjoy each day. I won't hear their laughter as they get mischievous while in a call. Or our group calls becoming boisterous and full of laughter.

R.I.P. Robert A. Torres (Morath Landfall) 12 June 1968 to 19 January 2021
R.I.P. Lucy G. Bonney (Alaina Fraina) 25 August 1953 to 17 December 2020

You will be forever missed...
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My deepest Condolences
Deputy Commander in Chief
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