Participant Roster for the Task Force Karuun Finale on 180616

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Nora Gerhadsen
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Command - Rear Admiral
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The following ships and individuals participated in the Task Force Karuun final battle on June 16. Best efforts have been made to ensure that everyone who was there is on this list. If you were at the event, but do NOT see your name on this roster, please respond to this post, or contact Nora Gerhadsen either in-world in SL, or through the Forums, or through Discord, or through other channels.

The peak observed number of people on-sim for the event was 42, but could possibly have been higher.

USS Maxwell

Nora Gerhadsen
April Coswell
Jayce Rebel
Sinbad Naiver (Nerfstriker2010)
Zach Starbinder (Bluedragoneye88 Resident)
Maximilian -Max- Pilumnus (Maxamillineum Resident)

USS Veracruz

Kinney Randt
LeighAnn Mantis
Moonprince Rhode
Fred McCellan
Skot Brit (ScottyBrit Resident)
RodneyMMcKay Resident
Kristoff Jameson
Cura18 Resident

USS Thunderbird

Azdra Fall - Nikolaidis (Azdra Resident)
RebelIV Resident
Yumiko Leena Cole (Valonthesoulreaper Resident)
Ariel Arrowmint
Kassian001 Resident
Archi Merlin
RichardKevinson Resident
Koveneer Resident
Drake Cole (Draconiator Resident)

SS Astraios

Genny7 Markus
David7 Bravin
Flip Thatcher
Karl Quar
Dolfke Barbosa

SS Pathfinder

Andromeda StJohn (AndromedaStJohn Aeon)
VardaSilver Spearsong
RuaelleLionheart Resident
Jackray Toocool
Knightspet Resident

USS Goddard/others

Kermie Mistwallow
Fema Firefrick (Firefrick Resident)
T'Prain (Isis Gaelyth)
Colin Nemeth
Lizzy Plantagenet (Lizzy Gracemount)

12th Fleet

USS Agamemnon

John C. Hartman (Archammer Resident)
Night Yakubu
IsabeauxNightHawke Resident
Kassian002 Resident

USS Garibaldi

Nizz (ArshesNizzre Resident)
Rear Admiral Nora Gerhadsen
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Chief of UF Starfleet Operations
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Was proud to serve !!
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