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This is one of the major issues with UFS as a whole. The chain of Command is there for a reason. If you have an issue ALWAYS go to your CO first. There is no point going straight to the Vice CinC or one of the Joint chiefs if there is a process for you to take.

This causes so many issues that can be dealt with by your direct Commanding Officer.

From this day forth you will be asked first and foremost "have you spoken to your CO?"


There are a multitude of positions available throughout the fleet. Please keep up to date with the Forums if you wish to be more involved. Getting involved at Fleet level will help you with future promotions and awards.

UFS Needs you, and we are not a group without its members.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

I am sure many of you have heard about this by now, here is where UFS Stands

Due to new EU data protection regulations we must inform you that the data we hold is for fan organization use only. We never share this information outside the organization nor do we track our members.

By continuing to use our devices such as forums, wiki and database you agree to continue with your membership as outlined in the membership manual.

If you no longer agree to share this information with United federation Starfleet then please contact personnel to resign your commission and membership. Once your resignation is submitted your data will be removed within 48 hours from our databases.

I must stress that if you ask that your data be removed as is in line with new regulations in your resignation notice this will overrule the 30 day cooling off policy. If you resign in this way that is it, final, all records are removed and if you decide a week, month or year later you will have to start again.

If you have any questions regarding the above, speak to your Commanding Officer.
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