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Guardian Harmonics, Salvation One

GuHa Tag - Ship's Guardian Harmonics ((Cheryl Skinstad))
ReHa Go - Resonance Harmonics ((AveryMae Amore))


Eagerly anticipating their scheduled appointment, GuHa Tag eagerly awaited the ReHa's arrival. Upon hearing the rhythmic approach of Go's hooves, she extended a warm welcome, inviting her to enter with a genuine nod of her head. "Please, step inside," she beckoned, eager to delve into the forthcoming discussion with attentive care.

ReHa Go was walking towards Tag’s office. She looked around at the ship in awe of the work that had been completed on their new home. Go had barely any sleep recently due to one thing or another but hopefully, Go’s brain could finally relax and sleep after one of the Resonance Harmonic crew had messed up a programming that had to be fixed, which took her well into her shift to correct. Her hooves lightly tapped against the metal flooring, allowing the door to open when she heard the voice, she looked up nodding, “Hello GuHa Tag.”

Tag turned her head left then right with a warm and understanding expression. "Hello, ReHa Go," Tag greeted, noticing what looked like weariness. "I can see you've been putting in a lot of effort lately. The ship looks incredible, doesn't it? But I can also tell you could use some rest. Let's discuss what's been keeping you up and see if we can lighten your load a bit. Come on in." Tag gestured towards the open door of the office, offering Go a supportive nod as she entered. Tag said with genuine concern in their voice. "Given the recent changes and challenges we've encountered, I can imagine it's been quite exhausting for you. How have you been coping? I hope you feel supported and connected with the rest of the crew? Have you managed to find any moments of pleasure amidst all the chaos?"

Go looked around, nodding a bit towards Tag. Sure, Go could use rest but there was work to do. “Thank you GuHa Tag.” She enters with her hooves gently tapping the metal floor as she finds a stool to sit on. “Honestly, doing the best I can in the midst of all this chaos. The only thing I brought with me from the forest was the handcrafted journal I had made. I didn’t have time to consider taking anything else. The journal has my plans for the ship’s alterations in it. So, it worked.” She nodded quietly back toward Tag. The other things in the journal were sometimes not so pleasant but that was a story for another day.

"Sounds like quite the adventure," Tag responded, swaying her head gently as she observed Go settling onto the stool. "Handcrafted journal from the forest, plans for the ship... it seems like you've got everything you need to navigate through this chaos." Tag's gaze softens with understanding as she takes in Go's mention of the diary. "We all have our stories, don't we? Sometimes they're tucked away in journals, waiting for the right time to be told." She offered a reassuring nod, indicating a readiness to listen whenever Go decided it was time to share those stories. "For now, though, let's focus on the tasks at hand. Remember you're not alone in this. Ever since receiving my longevity injection, I haven't experienced the same level of constraint from the calf supports. I feel capable of carrying out my usual activities without any hindrance, do you feel the same? Have you observed any alterations in your appetite, sleep routines, or weight since then? "

Go laughed a little bit in agreement with the adventure. It had been an adventure, one of chaos, training, and frustration from time to time. “Very true, GuHa Tag,” she said, thinking about the journal, thankfully it was tucked away in her jacket. She had made it small enough for her to carry it with her, just for personal reasons. “I suppose so. The calf supports are annoying, to say the least, but we have to do what we have to do, right?” She shook her head as her ears went back holding back an imminent yawn, at least she didn’t yawn…for now. “I feel fine carrying out my duties. I mean a slight sleep routine change but that is to be expected, we are on a starship, and there is no daylight or nighttime anymore.” Go tried to cover up the fact that she had been working a bit of overtime when she had a sleepless night. It didn’t hurt Go, just made her tired for the next day at least. It was the new routine she was getting used to. “Appetite has been fine and my weight seems to be fine too.”

Tag swished her head softly. "Indeed, it's been quite the journey," she agreed, reminiscing about the challenges they had faced together. "The calf supports can be a nuisance, but it's a small price to pay for the work they do," she remarked with a shrug. As Go mentioned the absence of daylight or nighttime on the starship, Tag nodded in understanding. "Adapting to the new routine can be tough, but we're managing," she acknowledged, hiding any hint of exhaustion she might be feeling. "As long as we stay focused on our duties, everything else falls into place," she added optimistically. "And it's good to hear that your appetite and weight are holding steady," Tag concluded, offering a supportive nod. "Do you have any apprehensions or uncertainties regarding the future that you'd like to explore? How can we collaborate to help each other accomplish our personal and shared objectives? While I may lack definitive answers, together we might discover solutions."

Go listened intently to Tag. She nodded, “Calf supports are something I have rarely used, to be honest, they are a super nuisance but I do use them when on duty. It’s probably for the best.” Go didn’t know what to think of those contraptions, the things that they had to come up with to adapt to the ship were quite interesting. “Yes, it can be.” She looked around leaning back in the chair, her ears settling down, thinking over Tag’s question. “The future does hold uncertainties but I honestly wonder what kind of life we will discover, who we will meet, what will they need, and more importantly how it will affect us in the long run. So many questions, but I guess we can only take it one day at a time before those questions come to light.” Go’s ears slinked back even further as she tapped her hooves on the metal floor. “I don’t know what my personal goals are for this mission. I wanted to help our Kind see the universe but who knows what the personal goal was out of it. I haven’t quite figured that one out yet.” Go would settle in her seat tapping the hooves again on the metal floor, a nervous habit she had developed but hadn’t stopped because she loved the sound of the hooves hitting the deck of the ship.

Tag's eyes softened as she listened to Go's introspection, nodding in understanding. "I hear what you say, Go. It's a wild journey we're on, filled with unknowns and uncertainties. But you know what? That's what makes it exciting. The thrill of discovery, the potential for growth... it's all out there, waiting for us." She reached out a comforting hand, hoping to gently rest it on Go's shoulder. "And as for personal goals, they'll come to you when the time is right. Sometimes, our purpose reveals itself in the most unexpected ways. Until then, let's keep exploring, keep learning, and keep supporting each other. Together, we'll navigate this vast universe and uncover the wonders it holds." With a reassuring nod, Tag squeezed Go's shoulder gently before settling back into her seat. "And don't worry about those uncertainties of yours. They're just a part of what makes you, well, you. Embrace them, Go. Embrace every part of yourself, and you'll find your way.” She stood up. “Thank you for this time. I bid you farewell until we meet in the social area later for food."

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