Harmonic Liaison Report 1: Reflections

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[Salvation One]

Today marks a significant moment in our journey, a moment of unity and shared vulnerability among the crew of Salvation One. As some of us gathered in the mess for a meal prepared by MuHe Ba, the atmosphere was a mixture of nostalgia, hope, and determination. This gathering, though informal, served as a poignant reminder of the importance of our mission and the bonds that tie us together.

I must admit, when the announcement was made regarding the leadership of our mission, I was surprised to learn that Herdmaster Tavir had withdrawn from the race to lead us aboard Salvation. His wisdom, leadership, and vision have always been a guiding light for me, especially during my formative years in the woodlands of Selorin. However, circumstances led to ShHe Ro stepping into the role of Ships Herdmaster. I will be honest in so much that this has left me with a sense of uncertainty. Tavir's absence from my life feels like a significant loss.

Despite this, I find myself warming to Ro. Their leadership during today's gathering, their openness to the emotions and needs of the crew, and their initiative to ensure we function as a unified community have started to dispel the doubts I harbour. Ro's suggestion to rearrange the mess to promote inclusiveness and communication was a testament to their thoughtful and adaptive leadership style. It's becoming clear that Ro possesses a deep understanding of what it means to lead by example, fostering an environment where every member of the crew feels valued and heard.

During the meal, I shared about the container of soil from Selorin I brought with me, within which grows a cutting of a Virelith. This piece of home serves as a constant reminder of where I come from and the resilience of our kind. Hearing my crewmates share their own tokens of Enchondor and the emotions tied to them reinforced my belief in the strength of our collective spirit. It's these personal treasures that keep us grounded, reminding us of our purpose and the home we hope to find.

Tag's proposal for individual meetings in the Guardian Harmonics room sparked an idea in me. Perhaps we could use these sessions not only for ensuring our well-being but also as a platform for strategic planning and sharing knowledge. With the unknown ahead of us and the potential encounters with other species, pooling our collective insights could prove invaluable.

Reflecting on today's interactions, I feel a renewed sense of optimism and confidence in our mission. The challenges ahead are daunting, yet I am reminded that we are not just a crew, we are a community, bound by shared experiences and a common goal. Under Ro's leadership, and with the support and wisdom of each crew member, I believe we can navigate the uncertainties of this journey, finding strength in our unity and diversity.

As we continue, eyes forward towards the future, I find myself guided by the memories of Enchondor and the hope for a new beginning.

~HaLi Lirin
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