Open Vacancy - Director, Promotions and Awards

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Position: Director, Promotions and Awards
Reports to: Commander and Deputy Commander in Chief

Description & Duties:

Responsible for receiving and reviewing all promotion recommendations submitted to the Promotion Board. They then submit verified recommendations to the Promotions Board and report on the outcome to required parties. The department also reviews and revises the Fleet Level Awards of UF Starfleet, ensuring that members are recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the organization.


- Discord Communication is essential
- Fairness: The Director should be fair and impartial in their evaluation of nominations, regardless of personal biases or preferences.
- Integrity: The Director should be honest and trustworthy, with a strong sense of ethics.
- Judgement: The Director should have good judgement and be able to make informed decisions based on the criteria and guidelines for the award or promotion.
- Attention to Detail: The Director should have a keen eye for detail, carefully reviewing all the materials submitted by the nominators.
- Objectivity: The Director should be objective and consider the merits of each nominee based on the criteria established for the award or promotion.
- Communication Skills: The Director should be able to communicate effectively with other board members and nominators.
- Teamwork: The Director should be able to work effectively as part of a team, collaborating with other board members to ensure a fair and objective evaluation process.
- Confidentiality: The Director should be able to maintain strict confidentiality in the evaluation process, ensuring that all candidate information is kept private.

Application: Please email your application and why you think you would be ideal for this role to
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