USS Taylorholic Durant

The USS Taylorholic Durant, referred to as the USS Durant, is named for the late Admiral Taylorholic Durant in honor of her contributions to UFS and for exemplifying what an excellent officer should be. We are honored to bear her name. The Durant is a Luna Class Science Vessel, assigned to explore and chart the unexplored areas of the Delta Quadrant. We are also on diplomatic assignments, as we are usually the first contact for many planets with warp technology. Our Science vessel converts into an impressive combat vessel when warranted.

We use Post Order/Para Roleplay (ParaRP), which means before our Roleplay begins the game master will list each roleplayer's name in the order they will make their posts. This guarantees each person adds to the creation of our fascinating stories. Para RP means our posts are paragraphs that can be short or long, emoting our thoughts and feelings along with dialog. We feel Para RP adds more depth to our stories. If you would like to try Para RP request a ridealong with us! We will be happy to teach you.

Roleplay Times: Saturdays 9:00am SLT
Commanding Officer: Evelyn Rieko
Executive Officer: Greenlantern Excelsior

Moderators: Evelyn Rieko, Greenlantern Excelsior

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