USS Bellerophon

The USS Bellerophon, is Long-range Exploration R&D Vessel based upon the iconic Intrepid class, but with a more advanced design, features and systems. The USS Bellerophon is a Bellerophon Class Starship operating within Sector 001 (Second Life) since Stardate 160810 (10 August 2016) under the command of Captain Raylen Swordthain from commission to present alongside Executive Officer Commander Amberlynn Luminos.
The Crew of the USS Bellerophon roleplay daily throughout their day, compiling, reports, logs and other little scenes.and scenarios and also has two primary Main Missions a week.

Roleplay Times: Tuesdays 2pm SLT and Thursdays 10am SLT
Commanding Officer: Captain Raylen Swordthain
Executive Officer: Commander Amberlynn Luminos
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