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by Scottland78 Resident
Forum: Chief of UFS Operations
Topic: USS Milo Character Sheet
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Re: USS Milo Character Sheet

I would agree with Gen Lancaster on that it would make rp fun for all
by Scottland78 Resident
Forum: Promotions and Awards
Topic: Self Awarded Ribbons
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Re: Self Awarded Ribbons

CMD Ulrich I am always glad of being any help I like seeing how it helps the group as a whole nembers learning how they can get awards they have worked hard for is always a good thing

UFS Strong
Lt Col Elsa Mitchell
by Scottland78 Resident
Forum: Academy Superintendent
Topic: Fleet Captain Evelyn Rieko
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Re: Fleet Captain Evelyn Rieko

I too had been a cadet who has benafited from Fleet Captain Rielos guidence as well as your guidence Captain Rose it helped mold me to the Officer I am and I will help as much as I can to pass on to new cadets and officers as F.Captain Rieko has passed to myself.

In Service
LT Col Elsa Mitchell
by Scottland78 Resident
Forum: Introduce Yourself!
Topic: Reporting For Duty...
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Re: Reporting For Duty...

Welcome to UFS we are glad you have chosen to join us. You will need to compleate intro to UFS before you can receave your tags to get your shiny new uniform but we also offer branch intro classes to deside what branch you may like to join. If you need help reach out to your mentor or Academy staff ...
by Scottland78 Resident
Forum: Introduce Yourself!
Topic: Guess I'm back
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Re: Guess I'm back

Welcome back Lt Col Cipher
by Scottland78 Resident
Forum: Introduce Yourself!
Topic: New Gardener, Glindar Matterden
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Re: New Gardener, Glindar Matterden

Hello Glindar welcome to United Federation Starfleet we are glad you had joined us and are going to do great things like Boothby it the San Francisco Academy.
by Scottland78 Resident
Forum: Chief of Communications
Topic: Appointment: Chief Photographer
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Re: Appointment: Chief Photographer

VAdm Mistwallow those have already been taken and held for the right moments 😁
by Scottland78 Resident
Forum: Promotions and Awards
Topic: Approved Promotions and Awards - April 2022
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Re: Approved Promotions and Awards - April 2022

Congrats to Everyone I will be there to show my support and continue to guide the next generation of Starfleet personal.

UFS Strong

Elsa Mitchell
Instructor | UFSA
by Scottland78 Resident
Forum: USS Taylorholic Durant Mess Hall
Topic: Personal log Major Elsa Mitchell
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Personal log Major Elsa Mitchell

Personal log Major Elsa Mitchell ==========^========== On stardate 220410.0900 we had gathered in the transporter room for a long deserved shore leave. After everything the crew has been through and lost of crew members we finally have a day away from Starfleet. It was just us not framed in a Ship, ...
by Scottland78 Resident
Forum: Introduce Yourself!
Topic: Greetings! A Celestial Kitsune materializes
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Re: Greetings! A Celestial Kitsune materializes

Hello and Welcome to United Federation Starfleet (UFS) we here are glad that you are joined us and will be glad to help you on your journey.

Major Elsa Mitchell
PSI Instructor Starfleet Academy
by Scottland78 Resident
Forum: Promotions and Awards
Topic: Admiral's Banquet Recommendations
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Re: Admiral's Banquet Recommendations

Major I can meet with you to help with that but becouse the deadline has passed if to submit that i am sure you will receave it next month P&A

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