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by Adomsisko Resident
Forum: Promotions and Awards
Topic: Approved Promotions, Awards and Graduations - March 2020
Replies: 15
Views: 648

Re: Approved Promotions, Awards and Graduations - March 2020

Congratulations one and all for your hard work and dedication. Keep up the great work and go do that voodoo you do so well:D
by Adomsisko Resident
Forum: SS Peedy Thor Mess Hall
Topic: SS Peedy Thor Security Chief's Log
Replies: 0
Views: 179

SS Peedy Thor Security Chief's Log

Security Chief's Log Stardate 1115.19 The old Peedy Thor has decommed. Now we have a new station with state of the art equipment and tech. Problem is right now, it's still being worked on. I have this huge space for a HQ for security that's gonna' be used as the armory, brig, and my office. I might ...
by Adomsisko Resident
Forum: SS Peedy Thor
Topic: SS Peedy Thor RP - Unfriendly Haven
Replies: 4
Views: 361

Re: SS Peedy Thor RP - Unfriendly Haven

Computer. Begin Recording. The mission we underwent was simple. Head to the planet and find another step in the task of finding our mystery hacker. The trip was uneventful. Checked my phaser and tricorder a few times to make sure they were in working order. When we got to the planet....Started...Wel...

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