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by micahstellar Resident
Forum: UFS Promenade
Topic: Welcoming all to Starbase Eagle
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Welcoming all to Starbase Eagle

The station is about 80% completed though still an experiment in design and development and I am sure it's not as dynamic as some builds out there this is my first attempt on such a concept. It's location is convenient for me to work a develop and is at a decent 3000m to allow for open grid activiti...
by micahstellar Resident
Forum: UFS Promenade
Topic: Welcome to The Promenade!
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Re: Welcome to The Promenade!

I am a fair builder and modder of many things. Textures, logos and what ever happens to inspire me for the moment. I have been an artist since I was a child and never stopped, maybe slowed down a bit though. I gave up on mesh and sculpting though this old schooler is good with most tech stuff I coul...
by micahstellar Resident
Forum: Quarks Bar
Topic: Captain Pike Series?
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Re: Captain Pike Series?

There was an independent fan film group that had started a Pike series or rather the first stages of looking into it. It was dropped a few months later the reason I do not know. There was a Youtube introduction to it at one time.
by micahstellar Resident
Forum: Introduce Yourself!
Topic: Greetings people!
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Greetings people!

First of all thank you for accepting me.

A private sector specialist wishing to endeavor interests with the Federation.

Regards to all and be safe and well.

Mike Stellar
INTERSOR (Intersytem Security Organization)

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