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by Kalliebirdsong Resident
Forum: USS Magellan
Topic: Magellan Mission 202118
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Magellan Mission 202118

Mission Log. from the desk of Commander Gabriella Santana, Chief of Security. As we continue our journey home, we will make use the emptiness of this sector of space for some much needed repairs and upgrades, as well as a bit of downtime for the crew, as we await the rendezvous with the Captain's sh...
by Kalliebirdsong Resident
Forum: USS Magellan
Topic: Magellan Mission 2021257
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Magellan Mission 2021257

Magellan Mission Log 2021257 Location: USS Magellan, Conferance Room Time: 5:45 pm SLT Uniform: Duty The USS Magellan has been contacted by the government of the Cinai Systems Alliance, to assist in the recovery of a small vessel that went missing near their border. The Cinai possess limited warp an...
by Kalliebirdsong Resident
Forum: Security Branch
Topic: Security Roll Call
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Re: Security Roll Call

Name: Gabriella Tavana Santana
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Chief of Security, Chief tactical officer, Range Officer, Vice Security Branch Commander
Station: USS Sheppard
Verse: Second Life (Kalliebirdsong Resident)
Current Dept Head: Lt. Commander Gabriella Tavana Santana

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