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USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1735: “Vanished Paradise" (190908)

Posted: 190907.1638
by Poison Toocool
Sun Sept 8, 2019
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STARDATE: 190908
RP LOCATION: Transporter Toom

2400's casual holiday attire, combadges

-the ship is: in orbit of Sephori
-alert level is: normal
-we left Pinastri 6 weeks ago
-we are currently on patrol in Telos Sector
-17 light-years from Pinastri

**You should have read:
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POST ORDER: Will be decided, and posted, by the Mission Leader just prior to mission start (and sometimes adjusted in the RP if necessary).
MISSION TIME: Please be ready & prepared & in place for RP to start at 1130 SLT

IC PREMISE: The Captain has agreed to Commander Rieko's suggestion that they all deserve some shore leave after their collective experience with a temporal anomaly. The ship is now in orbit around Planet Sephori in the Telos Sector. Commander Rieko takes a group of bridge officers down to the 'Paradise Oasis' to relax and explore.

SIM Concept: Evelyn Rieko
Historian: Hal Jordan (GreenLantern Excelsior)

ARRIVING LATE? Contact the Mission Lead when you arrive, and wait to be instructed on Post Order & Story before speaking in Local. Come up with a reason why your character would be entering the scene at the appointed time and include it in your first post.
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Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1735: “Vanished Paradise" (190908)

Posted: 190909.2319
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko (Cmdr), XO/Chief Science
Nems Darkstar (Lt), Security ((Knightspet))
Hal Jordan (Capt), Intelligence ((GreenLantern Excelsior))
Russell Sprout (Cmdr) ((Poison Toocool))
Rachel Stoneberry, Resort Owner ((Leninah))
Wadi, Resort Host ((Poison Toocool))
George, Resort Guest ((Jorden Allen))

Left to right: Jordan, Wadi, Rieko, Darkstar, Stoneberry, George

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1735: “Vanished Paradise" (190908)

Posted: 190909.2323
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko inhaled deeply and exhaled....she'd decided to do a few arm curls for her biceps, while lounging on the beach. This place really did have everything. She was very happy the Captain had approved this shore leave, the crew really needed it after so many difficult experiences lately and the last ordeal being trapped in the time loop! It was yes! They needed a little rest and relaxation. She waves to Sprout and Hal to join her and Nems, then looks over to Nems and smiles, "Lt. Darkstar, what do you think of Paradise Oasis? Enjoying it?"

Nems Darkstar looks around at what looks like Paradise as he speaks to Commander Reiko, "Sir this feeling is amazing being able to lounge here drink as many cocktails as I want. Looking up into the sunset, feeling the cool breeze on myself from the waves of the blue water. It is such a good feeling being here."

Hal Jordan pauses to look around and reflect. He had been off duty, confined to Sick Bay, for the past two months. That venomous reptile bite all those years ago was a real liability. Sometimes the ancient Fabrini serum in his blood failed to counteract the poison, and at those times he needed medical help. It was a good thing the USS Agincourt Medical Department had left detailed instructions in his service record about those times. He is back to (mostly) full capacity now, and ready for action. He sits on the comfortable beach blanket, enjoying the rare feeling of having nothing to do and all day to do it.

Russell Sprout stood on the sand near a fire pit, looking around at the somewhat tropical resort on a planet far far away from Earth. He wondered if the owners of the place had deliberately tried to make it look like an oasis on his own planet. Smart if they did, there were enough humans - and humanoids - who enjoyed this kind of atmosphere. He eyed the female crew who'd beamed down with him. They looked cute and relaxed, but, he maintained his distance. Romantic entanglements at work were not something he enjoyed.

Rachel Stoneberry wipes away a speck from a picture of her and her late husband at the opening of the Paradise Oasis with a smile and a tear, before turning to her desk and the paperwork neatly piled on one side. She sits gracefully and lifting her sunshades from her nose she starts to pick through the papers. Dealing with each one quickly, signing some supply requisitions and scribbling notes on others. The computer to the far right of her desk looking unused. Like a paperweight there because it felt right to have one, but no signs of usage at all. The observant would notice the holographic display still had packing material over the main lens. This was a woman who had her ways, tinged with sadness, but not allowing anything to get in the way of her remaining source of joy prospering and growing, the Paradise Oasis. The communicator flashes and she gets the call that the guests have arrived, so getting up, makes her way down the long stairs to the beach.

George is taking his usual stroll through the trees, vaguely looking over the various flora and fauna he'd catalogued in the years prior. He'd become quite familiar with this area, not only because of the wonderful perfumes courtesy of its native plants, juglans transmorrisonensis, but because also it conveniently intercepted the route from the main town to the beach, at an overlook where he could watch the proceedings going on down there. He was not spying - definitely not - but these new visitors were curious, and it helped that this was also a convenient spot in which to orchestrate a 'surprise' encounter with Ms. Stoneberry on her trips to accommodate them. It was at this moment he spotted her walking past, seemingly on such a mission. He grinned, brushed his hair slightly and patted down various bugs and pieces of flora fallen on his clothed during the walk, and then quickly and discreetly attempts to catch up with her, calling 'Mrs Stoneberry, my dear, what a surprise!'

Rieko smiles at Nems, "Yes this is really nice, and we really need time to recharge and just relax to do it. The food here is amazing too, and the fruits amazingly sweet! Don't you think?" She looks at Sprout, over by the campfire, and yelled, "Hey Cmdr Sprout, come closer, we don't bite! and Captain Hal, I was thinking we could all meet in the lounge for drinks before lunch? Lets try some new concoctions, will be fun! Okay? Don't force me to make that an order?" she laughs.

Darkstar looking over my shoulder at Commander Rieko, "Sir I couldn't agree with you more that the food here is out of this world, wonders who teaches them how to cook around here. Maybe they can give some pointers to the cooks on our ship." Taking a few more sips as I agree that we need some relaxation after such long missions. We all work long hours on Starfleet and this is exactly what we needed.

Jordan turns to look out at the ocean, wondering what kind of life forms live below the surface. He resists the urge to turn on his tricorder, which he brought with him "just for fun" (or so he told himself). The Intelligence Branch was all about gathering information, and it was difficult to put those traditions aside and simply enjoy the environment. A trained observer is always observing, but there was no sense interrupting the peaceful quiet of shore leave with the buzz of the tricorder. He decides to use his senses in quiet observation. He considers Evelyn's idea. "New concoctions? Here's one that might be fun. Saurian brandy with a blood wine chaser!"

Sprout knew this place had been checked out by ship's security before anyone beamed down, but he still eyed everything with concealed suspicion. From ancient logs of prior ships, he knew that 'short leave' could end up being... a mess. While the others sat or lounged on the deck chairs, he stood by the unlit fire pit and watched the movements of people around them. Evelyn's cheerful invitation brought a smile to his face. He relaxed a little.

Stoneberry stops with a bit of a start as the figure rushes out of the trees "Oh! You startled me!" Looking at the figure suspiciously as he approaches. Regains composure a little, still not recognising who exactly this person is "Hello, again is it? Have we met before? Come out of the shade let me see if I recognise you?" Squints and keeps a distance for the time being before stepping forward and relaxing "Oh yes it's George! Of course it is silly me, it's the atmospheric lighting here making it hard to see." Rachel laughs and touches George's arm whether affectionately or just touchy feely wasn't quite clear. "How are you doing George?"

George tries to keep his cool, failing slightly by letting out a blush, a smile, and dilated pupils - all unbeknownst to him - he regains his posture after his brisk catching up 'Mrs Stoneberry, it's such a pleasure to see you, as it always is. Are you busy? Would you like to go for a walk with me? I saw the most intriguing mushrooms not half a kilometre away, close to the cliff edge. I mean - it would be most lovely to chat with you, and we could go see it and hang out or something, if you have time, if you want to, that is...' mumbling out a semi-coherent request to the beautiful proprietor of the resort, especially with her touching his arm. 'Sorry, that came out wrong. Yes, bit dark up here isn't it, how is your day going?'

Rieko looks over at Hal and wrinkles her nose. "Saurian brandy with a blood chaser?? I'll pass on that concoction." she says with laughter in her voice. "So, what about it guys, let's meet in 15 minutes at the lounge?" She looks at each of them and notices Sprout is still far away, keeping his distance. "This is a chance for us to relax and chat and get to know a lot more about each other...the little things...the secret things," she laughs again. "What do you guys think about the owner, Mrs. Stoneberry? She has a huge place here and runs it well, excellent, do you agree?"

Darkstar looking around the area, scanning it to see if this is truly paradise or if there is anything going on that shouldn't be. Being a Security Officer I am always on the alert making sure the crew is safe on my watch and that no harm is coming their way. Looking around in all directions but can't see far over the trees and the mountains. Pulling out my tricorder to just take a peek, making sure everything is going well, as we just need this time to relax and enjoy ourselves. Looks to my right at Commander Rieko, "Sir Mrs Stoneberry sounds like a good person who loves to make everyone feel welcome. But maybe too welcome." Raises an eyebrow thinking thoughts on that. "But yes, it is an amazing resort for people like us."

Jordan looks around at the living things on the beach. There is an irregular line of what could pass for palm trees if you unfocused your eyes. At the base of some of the trees grew a leafy plant, probably the same kind of vegetation you can find on hundreds of beaches on hundreds of worlds. Looking closely at the multicolored beach sand, he notices that some of the more brightly colored grains were not sand at all, but tiny crustacean-like creatures. They are crawling all over one another, constantly shifting position like sort of a live-action Brownian motion. After seeing that movement, it is impossible for him to "unsee" it. The entire beach is moving. Slightly disoriented, he turns his gaze to the ocean. At least its motion is more natural than this living "sand." He responds to Evelyn. "The chaser I was suggesting was Klingon blood wine. I sort of developed a taste for it when I was a police officer back on Earth. We had a Klingon on the force and he introduced us to it. I think the resort is just fine, although I haven't been around the owner enough to have formed an opinion of her yet."

Sprout shrugged his shoulders, the good humor of his shipmates - along with the sunshine - was having an effect. "Place seems nice enough. Drinks before lunch sounds great," he said with a smile. "How about I meet you there, I want to change into shorts. These slacks are... too heavy." He gave a wave and walked off towards his cabin. He could have just beamed back and forth to the ship, but, if he was on shore leave, he wanted to be on shore leave, and so had rented a cabin. Even if it was just for just a few hours it was nice to have a real shower, and sleep in a nice bed without half an ear cocked for an alert. He went off along the sand, whistling.

Stoneberry feels the nervous warmth coming from George and notices the dilation of his pupils, not wanting to discourage him grasps his arm a bit tighter "Oh I'd love to go for a walk, but watch which of our mushrooms you eat" she grins and taps the side of her nose "However I do need to go down to the beach to greet the new party there, would you like to come down the steps with me and we can go for a walk after the greetings have been exchanged maybe?" Leaves the suggestion with an encouraging twinkle in her eye. Starting to move in the direction of the steps and tugging at his arm "You don't want me falling down these steps now do you?" Giggles as she leans down towards the steps.

George 'Oh, you were headed to the beach!' He quickly pivots to come up with an excuse to join her 'I do believe I was also headed in that direction, seems to be quite the popular day for it. I'd love to join you. Hey, did you see the moon rise last night? It was rather beautiful...' He smiles and looks at her, wanting to add something romantically cheesy, but does his best to avoid doing so. He blushes, then adds 'Perhaps we could watch it together sometime?'

Rieko looks at Hal with a frown, her mouth open, then she closed it, shakes her head and says, "Hal, I can't believe you actually LIKE blood wine!" She laughs, "I think it is one of the worse drinks I've ever tried." She smiles at him then, "But as you said it's a drink you developed a taste for over time. But me? I think it would take close to eternity before I could appreciate Klingon blood wine. Next thing you know, you'll be telling me you love Gagh!" She shivers, thinking of the writhing worms on a plate for a meal. She looks to Sprout, "Yes, lets meet, 20 or 30 minutes? Give us time to shower and or whatever and walk there. Everyone in then? Sprout's in, I'm in, sounds like Hal's in, and you Nems?" She realizes she is calling everyone's names without titles, then smiles thinking who cares...we're on shore leave!

Darkstar nodding his head, looking to Commander Rieko, "After I freshen up would love to join everyone in the lounge for some good food." Wonder what they will serve us, if I don't recognize it I will not eat it. Continues sipping on his drink, thinking I lost count on how many I have had. They just keep coming and coming. But starting to relax and feel good. "Hiccups." Not sure what these funny umbrellas are on these drinks inspects it a little bit.

Jordan looks back at the ocean, routinely noting Commander Sprout's exit and the time displayed on his tricorder. There are what might be birds soaring on the breeze in the near distance. The wings look right, long like an unpowered glider, flapping only rarely. The head, however, is distinctly un-birdlike, with two forward-facing eyes, a flat nose, and a horizontal row of tiny sharp teeth. The head is in constant jerky motion, looking for danger in every direction, and the mouth opens periodically so the creature can emit a distinctive mouselike squeak. As he watches, one of them folds its wings and dives into the ocean, coming up with a writhing tendril in its jaws. As the flying creatures devours it, the tendril wraps around its neck in a futile effort by the prey to strangle the predator. Hal decides that this world is best observed through unfocused eyes. He smiles at Evelyn. "We did try gagh once at a Klingon club, on a dare. The taste was all right but it was too hard to eat. The worms keep squirming and trying to avoid your teeth."

Stoneberry walks carefully down the long trail of steps keeping hold of George's arm. Exchanging smiles and glances as they go, listening to him talking about the moon rise. "Yes, I see the moon rise every night from my bedroom and it is very beautiful, much more so than the one on Earth I think, the way the light reflects on the high crystalline content of the moon here makes for a brilliant light show every night!" Flicks her hair back from her shoulder as she walks. "We do have a lot of steps here don't we? Someone suggested the other day we have a moving walkway, what do you think of that idea George?" Rachel looks into his eyes as they synchronise body movements going down the steps.

Wadi scurried along, checking again that his slacks were tidy and his shoes were polished and that his shirt was tucked in properly. These materials were very nice and cool but tended to pick up lint or soil easily so he was very aware of needing to ensure that he avoided any possible encounter with dust or dirt. There were incoming groups from a starship.. Ducant, he believed, and he was late in welcoming them. Well, the underlings would have checked them in. But he prided himself on greeting groups and finding out all about them so to better provide service while they were at Paradise. And he made good tips. As he hurried along the grass looking down at the sand below, where he could see some of the newcomers gathered, he failed to notice that Mrs Stoneberry was going down the stairs with... some man. He moved even faster, stopping only when he reached them, "Good day, Mrs Stoneberry," he said with a nod and smile, then turned to the man. "Yes yes? May I assist you?" His look and demeanor suggesting the gentleman not asking the female owner of the resort for help.

George nervously follows Rachel down the steps. A woman like her moved so gracefully, she didn't need his support, but he was happy to have a reason to join her, and had wanted to spend as much time as possible with her during this trip - arguably it was the whole reason he had come back, and now he had the girl on his arm - or at least tugging it. He was living his dream. He hears her tone change, and realises there was a question 'Ah, yes - good idea - ' to be interrupted by the man 'Ugh...hi there.'


Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1735: “Vanished Paradise" (190908)

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by Greenlantern Excelsior
Rieko waved as Sprout left the group, then turned to Nems, seeing her sleepy droopy eyes and her hearing her hiccup. She smiled and wanted to reach over and carefully take the cocktail from her hand. Whatever it was, it was quite colorful and pretty and definitely potent. Nems was halfway drunk, but she's an adult, not that much younger than Evelyn. But still she was responsible for her, and she would keep an eye on her and order coffee for her at the lounge. She then turned to Hal. "Hal! You make me want to throw a pillow at your head when you said it is difficult to eat Gagh, because they try to avoid your teeth... ewww..." she visibly shivers, then laughs and looks around and sees people coming their way.

Darkstar rubs my eyes, never been this sleepy after a few drinks. Wonders what is in this drink to make such a person tired and so relaxed. Never felt like this on the Durant. But then again I am not a drinker like this and wouldn't touch many of the drinks on the ship. Hearing footsteps from behind us, wondering who is coming down to see us. Turns my head as I look to the stairs behind us seeing some people walking. Wonder if they are going to come speak to us. Hearing his stomach grumble thinking need to eat some lunch soon don't think ate breakfast this morning.

Jordan hears voices above the crashing of the alien ocean waves. Looking up the hill, he is barely able to make out three people standing at the top of a flight of stairs. 'Maybe unfocused vision isn't the way to go after all,' he thinks. It appears to be the resort owner, Rachel Stoneberry, with one of the Sephorian resort hosts and someone else, possibly another guest. He reaches for his tricorder but then stops. It could be seen as rude to be scanning people without their permission. They are supposed to be on shore leave, so this is not the time to be doing work-related functions. He refrains from telling Evelyn that insufficiently-chewed Gagh tends to squirm all the way down, and it stays alive in a human stomach for a few uncomfortable minutes. "Eating Gagh is sort of like eating okra, because if someone asks, you can tell them that yes, you have tried it. Just something to add to what we used to call a bucket list."

Stoneberry stops with a start as Wadi arrives a little surprisingly and breaks her attention momentarily from George, but still holding onto his arm. "Oh Hello Wadi, I'm just on my way to greet the new arrivals and returnees. You remember George don't you? One of the returnees." she smiles and lets a soft giggle ripple through the still air. "We can all go together and have a greeting party! Won't that be nice?" Takes another step. "Come on, if we don't get there soon they may have gone wandering before they've been told about the Red Palm! And we don't want that, do we?"

Wadi stood rather officiously near Mrs Stoneberry, his small eyes taking in George's face. Did he see a hint of male appreciation there for the lovely figure of the resort owner? It was understandable, but... he tilted his head, glaring a little. The woman had lost her husband, surely it was far too soon for anyone to think of pursuing her? He worked hard to make sure the guests were all right and not bothering her. Her mention of the Red Palm was like a knife in his heart. He thrust down his irritation with a wave of his large hand... not sure if he should wait for her to lead or whether he should move... he wiggled in place.

George glances over the man. Rachel's reaction clearly was friendly, and he relaxes, although somewhat awkwardly smiling and shaking the man's hand - he had after all interrupted their romantic walk plans - or at least that's how George was choosing to interpret them. He winced a little at being called a returnee, but nodded, and followed the two, paying closer attention to Rachel than to Wadi's reaction.


Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1735: “Vanished Paradise" (190908)

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by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko (Cmdr), XO/Chief Science pumps (pink) iron

Nems Darkstar (Lt), Security ((Knightspet)), three sheets to the wind

Hal Jordan (Capt), Intelligence ((GreenLantern Excelsior)) cannot resist touching his tricorder

Rachel Stoneberry, Resort Owner ((Leninah)) ready to come downstairs

Russell Sprout (Cmdr) ((Poison Toocool)) stands alone

George, Resort Guest ((Jorden Allen)) is infatuated

Paradise Oasis as viewed from a class five probe