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160221 - Murder on a shuttle

Posted: 160221.1720
by Jamie Czavicevic
United Federation Starfleet
SS Tranquility
NCC-60012/SS 001
=A= XO's Log =A=
Capt. Talas Shran(Jamie Czavicevic) Recording

== Prelude ==

XO's Log:

Stardate: 160221

Alert Status: Green

A Shuttle was over due in route from the Station to the Excalibur Mining outpost. Security teams found the pilot bound and drugged in an empty crew quarters on deck 3. a Trill merchant and her body guard were aboard the shuttle and we are going to take the new Aquarius class ship out to look for them.


In service
Capt. Talas Shran(Jamie Czavicevic)
XO SS Tranquility

Re: 160221 - Murder on a shuttle

Posted: 160221.1741
by Jamie Czavicevic
Crew Manifest
XO Capt. Talas Shran(Jamie Czavicevic)

Chief of Security Cmdr Miumiu Zepp
Security Officer Cmdr Colin Nemeth

Science Officer Lt (jg) Apple (AppleDew Resident)

Medical Officer Capt. Data Axel

Operations Officer (Guest) Lt JG Jayce Rebel

Engineering Officer (guest) Lt Sandie Blackburn

Re: 160221 - Murder on a shuttle

Posted: 160314.2032
by Wolfton Foulsbane
2016-02-28 (Reporting Officer - Lieutenant Apple)
Crew Manifest

Captain Will Thrasher
Lieutenant Evergreen Moss
Lieutenant Commander Kristoff Jameson
Cadet Mariah Thrasher
Lieutenant Apple Dew

We are suspending our involvement in the murder investigation at this time because we don't have enough of the supporting functions completed to continue at the moment.

LT Jameson suggested continuing the investigation into the murder, using quasi-legal resources.

We need to keep in mind that this element may have kidnapped the family member of a Federation crew member. Time is of the essence. Perhaps utilizing quasilegal contacts to narrow down the location would be advisable

We did detect trace amounts of a sedative in the blood of Tamara Prens. There were only small amounts of blood, however, in the bed sheet. The sedative is illegal, and believed to be of Orion manufacture. If we can determine the source, we may be able to determine where she is being kept.

The sedative used was chloral hydrate, a simple compound, used in the 1800s on Earth. It was also named the Mickey Finn. It was eventually outlawed, due to the side effects of the sedative. I wonder if we can identify an Orion sites manufacturing this substance

Replicated substances do not typically contain carbon-14, unless specifically programmed to do so. And this sedative contains carbon-14, showing it was synthesized in a lab, not in a replicator.