SHEPRP231 "Dangerous Reflection" - 190130

USS Sheppard is an Intrepid Class Starship conducting Exploration and Ambassador Missions to the different species in the Delta quadrant. We will help to further science and technology for the betterment of the Federation. To protect the interest of the Federation without breaking the protocols set before us in.
We are open to Observations of our missions.

Roleplay Times: Wednesdays 5:45pm to 8pm SLT
Commanding Officer: Captain Rich Lombardia
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Fema Firefrick (Firefrick Resident)

Moderators: Rich Lombardia, Femafirefrick

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Mission Brief Location: Sheppard Conference Room

Alert Status: Green


Captain's Log,

Our voyage back to Pinastri has been...login to view the rest of this post
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